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FOR SALE: Classic Cars, Cars & Mopar Parts
Our family's car hobby

This is the place for your vintage Mopar automobile restoration projects. Rich specializes in vintage Dodge/Plymouth Muscle car era automobiles. If you are looking for unique parts both mechanical and ...

The Heater Box Guy
This is the place for your vintage Mopar automobile restoration projects. Rich specializes in vintage Dodge/Plymouth Muscle car era automobiles. If you are looking for unique parts both mechanical and ...

Mopar Parts

Donít you hate in when something goes wrong with your car and you have to replace a part? Unless youíre a car expert, any trip to the mechanic can be a difficult one. After all, there is so much car specific terminology that sometimes talking to a mechanic is like talking to somebody that speaks another language. And letís be honest, here Ė we all know somebody that has been ripped off when they went in to get their car fixed. They come back with extensive work done on their car with different parts replaced when all they really needed was just an oil change. Sometimes it can be so frustrating being a car owner that all you can do is hope for an automaker that actually takes care of the people that buy their cars.

Well, there actually is one automaker that does take care of its customers. This company has been one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry for almost a century - Chrysler. As one of the legendary Big 3 automakers based in Detroit (Ford and General Motors are the others), Chrysler has been able to thrive in a competitive industry since its formation on June 6, 1925. Understanding that producing fantastic cars isnít enough, Chrysler worked diligently to create a branch that specialized in producing automotive parts that customers can rely on in case anything went wrong with their cars. This automobile parts and service branch was founded in the 1920s and is known as mopar.

You may have heard car lovers talk about mopar and it probably sounds really confusing. However, it really isnít. Mopar is just short form for motor parts, although some people refer to them as moparts or mopar parts. The nice thing about mopar parts are that they are of high quality and are available to be used for any Chrsyler car. While that may not sound like a big deal, it is when you see how many fantastic cars are under the Chrysler umbrella.

Besides cars that are released under the Chrysler name, daimler chrysler is also the parent company for Dodge, Plymouth, Imperial, DeSoto, American Motors Corporation (AMC), Mercedes Benz, and Jeep vehicles. This means that you are able to find reliable mopar parts for any vehicle that have been released by those automakers. Considering Chryslerís reputation for producing excellent cars that combine reliability with style and power, many car owners are big fans of Chrysler. While vehicles that are produced by Chrysler are renowned for their durability, inevitably cars will break down and require parts to be fixed. Unlike some other automakers, Chrysler provides fantastic parts that will retain their carís performance through their mopar parts.

Mopar Performance

Although Chrysler should be roundly praised for making their automobile parts and service branch so accessible through things like mopar.com, there is still the whole issue of whether their mopar parts can actually perform. However, it would be unlikely for such a major automaker to survive in such a cutthroat industry that saw them compete against their Detroit competitors for almost a century and against Japanese automakers in recent decades if they werenít able to provide impeccable service. Car enthusiasts will tell you that mopar performance is fantastic and the facts bear this out.

While many people have found that automobile replacement parts have not been able to maintain the carís original performance, the people at mopar take great pains to ensure that their mopar parts maintain the considerable standards of Chrysler. Throughout its history, moparts have been developed and tested by the same group of engineers that were responsible for designing chrysler vehicles. By utilizing the same team that was responsible for designing a car, mopar parts are guaranteed to be the exact fit for your automobile. Additionally, the engineers that design moparts take special pride in creating mopar parts that will perform and wear in the exact same manner as the original part. In most cases, moparts use the same manufacturing stamping dies that were used in the design of the original car.

Considering the high costs of buying a car, many Chrysler car owners feel that they can get a better deal purchasing replacement parts from an aftermarket brand. However, the nice thing about mopar parts are that they are competitively priced and it is possible to find moparts that are actually cheaper than those aftermarket brands. Additionally, only genuine mopar performance parts are guaranteed to be protected by Chrylserís warranty. From a financial perspective, using mopar parts will maintain your carís value. This is because if you decide to sell your car or do a lease turn-in, having a car that use mopar parts will be considered more valuable than a car that has aftermarket brands parts in it.

Mopar Muscle Cars

While mopar parts are justifiably renowned for their high quality and performance, it may seem strange that there are car lovers that classify themselves as mopar enthusiasts. After all, all mopar is are motor parts, right? Well, the answer is yes and no. Although it may seem strange now for car enthusiasts to be completely enamored with motor parts, it was different back in the 1960s and 1970s. That is during the time that Chrysler was releasing classic muscle cars like the Dodge Coronet, Plymouth Belvedere, Plymouth Satellite, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Charger.

Although these cars are now considered classic, the biggest innovation in the muscle car wars was Moparís creation of the 426 hemi. Referred to as the best muscle car engine in history, moparís work on the 426 hemi not only made hemi a household term but made car loverís go crazy for chevrolet cars. With its pedigree for producing incredible motor parts that are great for racing, mopar muscle cars are some of the most sought after cars today. Car lovers desperately search for mopar muscle cars for sale and for fantastic mopar parts like the 426 hemi and other classic moparts that will make you feel the thrill of driving!