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The official collective of all the sites hosted at www.moonshadow-garden.net

{ e c l i p s e : e l y s i a n s i m u l a c r u m }
My art site, with content that includes things like original poetry, short stories, essays, photos, drawings, graphics, screenshots of layouts, and tons more. One of my only sites to have a layout made ...

Aldulath [the hostee blog]
It's the hostee blog for the domain, set to resemble a medieval Tavern & Inn and meant to look like we're roleplaying, while really we're not. ;) Just keeping up the medieval theme of the domain!

This is a personal site that serves as a basic profile port. Content is still in the process of being established but it will include writing and perhaps graphics all created by Lia. ^_^

The Enilon RPG
Once the domain's pet project, Enilon is an RPG representing the world where the Elves supposedly live. Based on the works of Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and other authors. Due to lack ...

Burst Into Flames
An interactive blog. Commenters get plugged, and the blog crews are so awesome you can't live without joining them!!