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To all who own a anime/ manga site, this is what you have been looking for! This community will help link all of your anime/manga sites together and bcommunity more trafic to everyone!

Anime community's home Page!
The headquarters of The Anime Community!

The Alien Hunters!
The year is 5093{;}{;}The world is peaceful until a meatier fell from the sky. {;}{;}Now the world has been attacked and taken over by Aliens... and a girl's family has been taken.{;}{;} {;}{;}Now for ...

Star Dust
These are my original characters. This is a promotional site to introduce Star Dust to everyone.{;}{;}Thank you

DBZ: The Legacy
Come and find out! ^_v

For anyone that loves anime, manga's trading cards and playing the games, come and see and join a very friendly anime site!

Cranberry Jam
A collection of reviews, pics, quotes and rambling thoughts from two slightly biased, possibly eccentric, but generally nice lovers of the visual arts from Japan.