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This community is for gardening web pages, especially for back yard journals, shacommunity your yard & pictures and love of gardening. Hummingbird, bird watching, butterfly sites, and backyard habitats welcome!{;}*sorry-no links only web sites.

My Backyard Journal
Come walk with me thru the back yard. My personal backyard journal, lots of pictures, gardening quotes, links, information and more. A look at my personal world and love of gardening with lupus and an ...

Opossum Sally's Goldenmean
This site contains articles and links on a wide variety of subjects including gardening, crafts, pets, poetry, jokes, quips & quotes, health, cooking, and much more. Come sign my Free For All Links!{; ...

larvalbug's garden
A home page companion site featucommunity Garden Bits: short articles with photographs about the animals and plants in our Texas gardens.

Devoted to Butterflies
This Web site is devoted to Butterflies. Pictures, information and {;}Flower gardening for butterflies. {;} {;}Butterfly Behaviors to watch for. {;}{;}Butterfly Trivia,Tips, {;}Caterpillar life cycle ...

Lady Anne's Garden
Welcome to our Garden of Eden, complete with total atmosphere, ponds, hummers and more.

Join me in my garden!
Watch my garden take shape and grow and, hopefully, learn a bit about gardening in the process. Lots of great pictures!

Fling's gardens
A place to show off your garden and to chat

It Ain't Easy Bein' Green
I love plants. Sometimes they love me back. :) The trials and tribulations of a beginning Virginia gardener.

The Bamboo Jungle
A ten acre homestead owned by an older couple in southern Alabama. We both run our businesses here as well as have extensive gardens.

Gardening for the Birds
Create a backyard haven with a pond, deck and plenty of flowers and plants to attract birds, butterflies,and wildlife.