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Click Member link to see site in tvA Mommy\'s World
This is my personal blog about my daily life which is mainly consumed by my 3 awesome children and wonderful husband. I am a SAHM and LOVE every minute of it! My children are 6, 4 and 2....boy and 2 girls. ...

Sprite's Keeper
The site is named after my daughter\'s nickname since she acts more like a sprite than a princess. My husband and I are devoted to her and her hijinks. She is currently trying to recruit the family pets ...

Mummy Diaries
Welcome to my blog about life as a stay at home mom, reviews on things i have bought & general thoughts on everything!

Stay at Home Mom & Military Wife
A day in the life of a Stay at home Mom and Military Wife, a little girl in school, a little boy in diapers, a husband who’s deployed. Parenting, Crafts for kids and cooking ideas.

Bond Irish Twins
Funny stories & tales of our family

Life with our 9
Life with our mixed family of 9

Mommy to Four Boys

Take a break from the hectic pace of mom-hood to talk and laugh--and sometimes cry--with a friend. Log on for a minute and fill your cup...

Mom's Crazy Life
A very opinionated mom of 6 kids, wife of a cop and nurse by night. Powerful topics discussed as well as advice.

Captive Mommies
What holds your thoughts captive? Forum, blog, top 100, plug board and more - just for the captive mommy in all of us.

Help, I Have A Teenager!
parenting support, parenting teenagers with humorous and true stories

The Saffron Patch
Step into the Saffron Patch, grab some Chai, enjoy some chat and listen to the reflections of a Second generation Indian Mother raising her children in the USA. Because Saffron is such a rare gem of ...

electric binkie
My adventures in pregnancy..

Dr. Mommy Chronicles
This blog is about the life of a Christian mom, who happens to be a doctor, wife, freelance writer and home school mom to 5 very active children. Never a dull moment.

Lalaine's WOrld
My world is a beautiful place to live in!Here is a window to my world that tells about my family, home, kids, faith, dreams, books, food, art, health and anything under the sun.

A Cali Girl Momma
A blog about a working mom, wife and life in general.

Moms, update!
Join in to the community where a working mother of 2 muse and rant about anything and everything from being a mother to seeking happiness!

Nerd Mommy
The joy of motherhood, the agony of parenthood

Toddler Tricks
Helping parents to have less stress and more enjoyment in their lives. Happy parents, happy kids!

Mommy Unlimited!
Everyday life of a mom

Gemini Diva
Gemini Diva is about my life, my family, my kids. I sometimes rant about things that bother me or make me happy. I rant about things online as well as offline.

Weaving a Web
Not a regular mommie as I have two grown up sons, but still I blog about them because they are important to me

Weaving a web
I am a keen observer of life, a parent and I also work (which means I have to earn otherwise I dont get to pay my bills). Well I am also an aspicommunity writer (fantasy is a preferred genre). I blog ...

Life of Our Prince

Thoughts to Share
The life and thoughts of a SAHM to three wild and crazy kids and the wife of a pastor/missionary in Southern Maine. Enjoying our first home, learning the trials of homeownership, gardening, renovating, ...

Stay-At-Home-Mom Web Connections
Canadian, Christian, Woman, Mothers, Family Focused

fashion,fitness and lifestyle for every woman. Focusing on motherhood issues, news, products and advice to the latest in fashion, health and entertainment news.

~Kat's Life~
My life in a nutshell

Life According to Me
a virtual diary where i blog about my life as a wife and a struggling work at home mom and everything else that happens in my life...

The Simple Life of the Kanes
A look at an average free living and unschooling family's life.

Can of Thoughts

Corporate Mommy
The mommy juggling playdates and deadlines, direct reports and neglected pets, has quit the big-time career. Bye-bye blackberry, business trips, and silk suits. Hello homeschooling, cooking from scratch, ...

Casa de Kaloi
Casa de Kaloi is a family & friends-oriented blog that is open to anyone and everyone! If that makes sense. We are currently expecting our first child in May, so the updates are primarily about babies, ...

In the Mommy Trenches
The ups and downs of a mostly stay at home mother to three children under 5. It's real, it's funny and it's always messy.

Rory In The Burbs
mommy blog

Daily Mind Wanders
This is a blog of my daily thoughts. I talk in most part about being a single mom and how I have been affected in my life. I give my opinions on things that just pop in my head that day. I speak of general ...

Mother, Student, Wife. Working through my past, working for my present, working on my future. Updated daily.

Life According to Joelene
Hi, I'm a twenty year old who's wandered into the life of a thirty-five year old - and in no way is that a complaint. I'm the mother of the prettiest thing since spcommunity daisies, and the wife of ...

Appreciating life as a mother and learning every day.

Sane is a 4 Letter Word
I am a mom who is so close to 40 it hurts!! I went to a small Christian Academy and graduated in the top 6 of my class (of 6). I like to sing silly songs to my kids (sometime I will post the "I Don't Care" ...

2 Witches Blog - a Pagan Look at Family Life
Mama Kelly and Lady Rose have been friends for over 20 years, and have a combined 50+ years of experience in wicca and tarot. They have participated in ritual together many times and Lady Rose is the ...

Authentically Unique
African American Unschooling Family

Mom's Fortress of Solitude
Angela McCoy is a freelance writer/editor, military wife and work at home mom (WAHM) to four boys with special needs. Her writing encompasses a myriad of topics -- Autism, ADHD, Auditory Processing ...

Mom's Motivation
While there are many joys to be had in this calling, life as a wife and mother can be (let's face it)...hard, draining, frustrating, overwhelming, consuming, unnerving (I think I've discovered nerves I ...

Life in the Fishbowl
Jump into our Life in the Fishbowl!

My Loonyverse: see the world through my eyes
Humorous family friendly blog about the things we are passionate about- reviews and giveaways, cooking and baking, bento, parenting, frugal living, going green, gaming, technology and more.

The Green Greek
Welcome! I am a working mother trying to raise my children to be their best. I love decorating , which is also my day job, cooking, cross stitching, reading and travelling. Welcome to our home!

Growing Up Hawai'ian
My blog is simply being a mom. I ususally compare how I'm raising my kids to how I was raised (in Hawai'i).

Mum in the making
This blog charts my journey as a beginning stay at home mum (SAHM) who’s juggling trying to learn how to cook, clean & care for my baby (who was born in Jan 2009). I also try (very hard!) to fit into ...

Cafe at the End of the Universe
I'm a hip, cool, soon to be 40, mom of three teenagers who I think actually like me that dares to spend almost every waking moment with my teens as I also homeschool them. I live on the edge of sanity ...