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My site recounts the humorous perils of a mommy of 3 young children.

Because I'm the Mommy
Everyday adventures in parenting and life

Life on the Outer Communitys
When your world centers around a little boy with autism, you start to ponder the genetic influences, and eventually you feel like you are sitting on the outer communitys and wondecommunity how much things ...

Nonsensical notes from a no-nonsense kind of gal

It's all about me as I fight through daily life as a SAHM.

ExPlaygroup Mommy
My blog ranging from my kids pictures to my parenting dilema\'s

Sustenance for Lesbian Moms

Magzworld: Day-to-Day
Mummy, Daddy and Two Babas - a little glimpse of our day-to-day lives.

A Hipster Mom blog and her view on raising children today. The hip mom blog about parenting, toddlers, siblings and raising a family.

Blog Pourri
SAHM of 3 year old twin boys who has no time on her hands but a lot of stuff in her head - must get it out.

Life and Times of Chantel
A reflective look at life as a mother, student, professional and dreamer. A memoir included about my mother.

Mommy Cooks
Cooking with kids, for kids, and sometimes in spite of them.

Mom of Three
I am a wife and stay-at-home-mom of two boys and a baby girl. This is where I update on stuff that\'s happening with us.

jordanisrad dot com
Daily (almost) stories about my crazy grandma, nerdy husband, insane yet lovable toddler and totally awesome self.

A Manic Mommy
A daily vent and hysterical musings by a single widowed mommy.

Our Special Kids
Between our two kids we\'ve got apraxia of speech, sensory issues and attention deficit disorder with a side of anxiety, compulsive behaviors and, depending on the week, tics. Things may be complicated ...

Ask Daddy - Mommy is Off Duty
The ramblings of a WAHM of a three-year-old genius - also a medical transcriptionist and lingerie retailer. Sleep is for the weak!

Martinis for Milk
Party Girl gets knocked up. Trades stilettos for stretch pants.

Prolly All the Time
Fat pants, MoRons, and the misadventures of someone who prolly shouldn\'t be alloowed to raise children.

Mischief, Murder and Mayhem (and other contemplatins)
Quilting, Kids, Life as a mom and the adventures that ensue are all included in this wonderful collection of laughter, rants, and even daydreams of someone who is not entirely \'up to par\' on the golf ...

Unicorn Child
I am a graphic designer / business owner / mom to a 6 year old boy / wife / friend / sounding wall to equally stressed moms, wives and women in general. I am basically a workaholic (and I think it has ...

Mercurial musings from a multi-tasking Southern mom about life with two little girls, two mutt dogs, and her techie husband.

Crazy Momma
PEACE, LOVE AND SANITY FOR ALL This blog is a tribute to what this crazy world needs more of. Peace. Love. Sanity. For All. But especially Moms and Dads. Since they are probably most at risk for going ...

Write In Between
Writing is something I do in between the pages of my real life. I am a Catholic wife and mother and part-time student in a graduate Theology program. So, I write in between all that.

The Mommy Brain
The Mommy Brain website by journalist Katherine Ellison encourages all of us to cast aside conventional thinking and discover the positive ways in which having children changes mothers’ brains for the ...

My Beautiful Child Griffin & Autism
It's all about being positive when dealing with autism. The hugs,the smiles, and the laughter are never taken for granted even with the challenges we face each and every day.

Using My Voice
Dionna is the Founder of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry. At Using My Voice you get a \"behind the scenes\" look at Dionna\'s thoughts, views, and family life.

Twins - A Matched Set
This weblog is about me, a stay at home mommy and my twins: Arthur and Penelope.

Rock-a-bye Baby
This site is a daily journal of a mom\'s nightly saga of being awakened numerous times by her baby. It also includes some of the funny things that the mom does because of the sleep deprivation that she ...

Journey to Honeyville
I am a busy mother who works at home and is enjoying every minute that I get to spend with my three children.

Sleeping Mommy
If sleep deprivation is an effective form of torture than the CIA should seriously consider employing my children.

The Professional Slacker
A 30-something mom of three just trying to keep it together.

lump of clay
just a general site about my life as a pastor\'s wife, mom to three dd\'s and a future homeschooler

Learning As We Go
This is a blog about parenting. Our joys, and struggles... we give advice and support to eachother.

Miles etc.
This is my blog for shacommunity news about my son Miles and other related (or unrelated) things.

parents afterall
A blog to track my first time pregnancy so I don\\\'t forget the \\\"little\\\" things.

Spit Up Splendor
spit up splendor ... the magnificance of bcommunitying home a sweet bundle of joy and then reality hits! a blog for new moms.

Double the Love & Double the Fun... AGAIN!
This is a blog dedicated to 2 sets of twins. Follow us through the joys and wackiness! Also, this site is full of great twin info.

My Side of the Puddle
Random musings of a pro-military woman with two young boys, aged 5 and 8.

Working Mom Ravings
A blog by a 40-ish working mother of twin 5-year-olds who can\\\'t stand the backlash against working mothers in society today.

I want to be Donna Reed
A place to relax and enjoy the challenges of motherhood and life as a mom working to create her own business while regaining her sense of self.

Lolo Land
A baby blog mainly about my little girl, Mia. It will include post on daily adventures with her and occasionally about my son and spouse. I will also post thoughts and comments on my life as a Aussie ...

words words words
My thoughts on my family, my scrapbooking, and my life. Highly original and witty description there, I know ;). In my blog, I try to deal with the ins and outs of my parenting experiences with love and ...

Qué Será Sarah
established this blog just prior to my daughter\'s birth (july 2005) to capture pregancy, new-mommyhood, and life in general.

Here in the Bonny Glen
The blog of Melissa Wiley, homeschooling mother of five (almost) and children\'s book author. Melissa and her comic-book-writing husband both work at home, taking turns writing and having fabulous unschooling ...

Desperate Horsewife
Follows my trials to find equanimity in parenting and avoiding marital infidelity, all by taking up horseback riding.

Mama! Mama!
Thoughts and rants about life and parenting my two eccentric kids while trying to run a business. Replacing my caffeine addiction with humor.

Real Life 101
A crash course in the realities of motherhood.

Just a montage of my bipolar life raising 4 kids and a husband. Being owned by a 30lb cat and kissed by an 85lb German Shephard.

Got Mommy?
Two blogs in one! Both Grammy and Mommy explore the inner depths of kids, husbands, family and trying to run a business while staying sane!