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The blog of a wife, mother, writer, business owner and activist. Opinions aplenty.

Running Commentary
Running commentary of 30-something stay at home mom. Runner, wife and mother of two

Tee time...
My name is Tee and I\'m a forty something mom to one up and coming teenage son... (heaven help me), Tyler, and slave.. err.. wife to Tom. We live in Western Kentucky on a small farm, with dogs, cats and ...

willow tree
Just a site about my random thoughts and feelings on everything from the kids to the world

Domestic Psychology
Personal blog about marriage, motherhood and all the mundane stuff that makes my life so full

A new mother with a diploma in comedy. No really, there is such a thing.

Whoa Mama!
I am a mom to be, pregnant with twin boys. My site covers my daily emotional and physical ups and downs as I make this journey. I look forward to shacommunity my experiences after the boys are born, as ...

No one ever mentioned that...
Another blog about being pregnant, becoming a mom and all the crazy stuff in between.

Amused And Confused
Am amused and confused in the rollercoaster of life with high anticipation that the amusement would outbalance confusion. Do please sit back, be amused and entertained but be you not confused.

Faith's Mommy
25 year old mom just rambling on the happenings and random thoughts in her world.

Bored Hausfrau
I\'m an anymother from Anytown, USA, I think. There are people I don\'t like. Sometimes I blog about them. This is my life as a jaded mother, bored hausfrau, and incubator.

Crazy Thoughts Brought to You by Chelle
A journey to Motherhood and Beyond....

All About The Zuze
This is a personal diary of my life as the mother of my now five month old son, Zein Al Hayat, (the beauty of life) aka The Zuze.

Hang your coat up!
Young single mother of 3 trying to make it in the crazy mixed up place we call life.

Orion Rising
Orion Rising reflects on the life of Orion Eduard, born on December 14th, 2004, and his developing relationships to self, place, and family.

Just Jook
The rantings of a sleep deprived mom.

Ashley\'s Random Blog
News and Notes from a Work at Home Mom about life, Discovery Toys, and more.

Mina\'s Musings
This is my place to share my thoughts, feelings, and ideas about EVERYTHING: kids, family, relationships, money, life, emotions, hopes, dreams, fears, experiences, religion, philosophy, & even random thoughts. ...

Educating Hercules
A mom writes about the challenges of raising a wizard in a muggle world.

Breastfeeding Baby
Advice, comments, trials and tribulations of breastfeeding your baby, written by Anne P. Mark RN IBCLC, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Breastfeeding".

You\'re the Apple of My Eye
What is Shafi up to next? A blog all about my baby who\'s truly priceless!

Booby Juice
A web log dedicated to breastfeeding and all other things baby!

a not-so-desperate housewife
a personal journal of a Filipino now residing in California bent on being the best wife and mother she could possibly be...

Life as Lou
This is all about my life as an Air Force wife raising two very young children. Hopefully you will laugh and enjoy the moments I write about!

Pieces of Us...
The life and times of a working mom with two children and a lazy husband...

The perks of being a housewife

Black & White Photography is a love of mine. My 3 little princesses give me lots of moments to capture!

Postcards from the Mothership
A working mommy of preschool boys sending dispatches from suburbia, trying to strike a voice somewhere between Erma Bombeck, Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby, but in the 21st century, not Jewish, not male, ...

Suburban-Baltimore girl, 25, enjoys newspaper design, blogging, and indie movies. Married, with child.

Musings of a crunchy, domestic goddess
Day-to-day ramblings of a crunchy mama who's passionate about breastfeeding, attachment parenting, cloth diapecommunity, making informed healthcare decisions, recycling and more.

Diary of a Mommy and her family
A place to share with family and friends, everything Im going through. Especially the different experiences Im living everyday with my son and ducommunity my second pregnancy.

Trials & Tribulations of a New Mommy
My adventures in motherhood while captucommunity the first year of my baby\'s life.

Blair Necessities
This started as my blog about bedrest, then my baby in the NICU, then his life...

Life with Aveline
Life with a new baby is never easy, but somehow always enlightening. This blog not only documents a new mother's daily grind, but also the milestones and quirks of the baby, Aveline.

BaBy tHougHt BaBy taLk
Life about my daughter, baby KWen.

Loves Endless Possibilities
A blog of my crafty adventures, son\'s artwork, and of the latest happenings in my online boutique - Love\'s Endless Possibilities.

Baby Lauren
This is my story of Baby Lauren Miller and the way that she has made my life all the better. I\'m a new mother and these are my trials and tribulations.

Reflections in the Mirror
Dawn's site. I can be a little crafty and a little off the wall at times, but it is all good. Visit to see what mischief I have been creating lately. I have stashed some stories, lots of photos, and a ...

a green parenting resource

A Dose of Xtessa

A New Beginning
Wife. Mother. Daughter. Scrapbooker. Liberal. Zen Kabbalist-wannabe. The moderately insane and often contradictory life of a formerly cynical and spritually bankrupt alcoholic in recovery, and my journey ...

Maman des Filles
Surving 'tween daughters

Lunacy: Finding Sanity in Life's Little Things
A diary of Seinfeld-esque ramblings of a 30-something stay-at-home mom

Will Da Beast 2
My name is William. I am 4 years old. I started journaling in my preschool class. Mom thought it would be fun if we continued journaling on a blog. That is, as long as my little sisters don't get in the ...

Miz BoheMia\'s Rhapsody
I left my heart in San Francisco. We moved away in 2004. I miss it but I\'m in a mood. My life is noisy and I seek some silence, some sense to all this nonsense. It is quiet here. It is a world made only ...

The Armadillo Tales
A blog about my life with my little armadillo, husband and my confessed shopaholic antics.

And Baby Makes Seven
This is a blog about two older people who get married later in life and start a family, remodel their house, try to keep in shape, and generally try to keep their heads from spinning off their bodies.

Asha Dornfest\'s thoughts on writing, motherhood, and everything else.

Cool Mom Picks
We're just a few moms that find cool stuff so you can stay busy being fabulous. We know cool stuff doesn't make the mom, but it certainly helps make life better.

Momma Botticelli
First shift: homeschool, and raise, two great boys. Second shift: freelance writer.