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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Adventures of Leelo and His Potty-Mouthed Mom
Our family is three years into our son's autistic voyage. We accept him and love him for who he is, but we are also helping him learn via behavioral therapy. Also I brag a whole fuck of a lot about my ...

Autism and Beautiful Flowers
It's the ongoing story of our autistic son, Jackson as well as news, information, and commentary.

Autism-Schmatism This blog is about my 5 year old son, K.C., who is Autistic. K.C. has a 'Big Brother' who is 6 years old. This blog is named "Autism-Schmatism" from my Grandma. My Grandma is always ...

Reaching Charlie
This is a book that I have written about our son's autism and how it affects our family. The book is laid out in chapter format and is easily navigated.

miracles do happen
This is the story of Dessi's recovery from autism spectrum disorder.We have been treating Dessi since 2 years doing RDI and recently we started Amy Yasko's protocol.

Charlie Is My Name
This is a blog written entirely by my son, who is six and has autism. I have set it up for him because he frequently wants to write on the computer. I felt it would be beneficial for both sides, us and ...

Diary of an Autism Mom
Do I have autism? Nope but my son does. He is 5 years old and living on the spectrum. If you are looking for a warm fuzzy blog about autism, this is not it. I am over being positive about autism. There ...

Autism, Going Green, and a Twenty Something
a place for autism article reviews, going green tips, and the occasional twenty something update!

my life in his world
My son Nicholas is an intelligent and energetic 15 year old who just happens to be autistic. Being his dad has changed my life in a million ways. I love him very much. This blog is about him, me, our family, ...

Autism Blog
A social networking site for people whose lives have been touched by autism.

One Dad's Opinion
My blog is for discussion of all things related to autism. I am the father of an autistic boy.

Our journey to recover "Mike," age 15, who has PDD-NOS, using Yasko and applied kinesiology.

A Parent Spectrum Disorder
I am a Christian mom; my oldest has asperger\\\'s syndrome. As a parent with 2 other kids, there is plenty of disorder.

Special Needs Parent
A site geared towards the parents of special needs kids.


Whitterer on Autism
A wry look at parenting with one foot on two continents;

A Day in the Life
A day in the life of a family dealing with autism.

Bare Bones Gardening
Where the Obsessional Gardener meets the Obsessional Asperger's Son

Into the Woods, Living Deliberately
My life living on "the" Peninsula with my husband, Descartes, and my two children, Jake and Lucy. Jake is a boy with acronyms and 'ics', Autistic, ADHD, CP (ataxic), and a little panic disorder too. Lucy ...

ASD Blog
A cleacommunityhouse and current awareness resource for practical information about autism spectrum disorders.

The Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet Experience
A site dedicated to shacommunity our life with an autistic child, and our positive experiences with the gluten free/casein free diet.

Never a dull moment
An everyday discussion about life with my 9 children and my autistic son.

laane on the World
I'm blogging about everything I come across, including everything that has to do with autism and autism spectrum disorders.

Sylvie's Place
Mother of two young kiddos, one with Autism.

Autism In A Word
Our daughter Rhema has autism and a seizure disorder. Here we share her story and what God is teaching us on the journey.

Autism Warrior
Autism awareness and advocacy blog

Autism All the Time
My thoughts about being autistic, both neurologically and what it means in society.

Jen's Journey
This blog is how I interpret the world as a 23 year old diagnosed with AS and ADD. It contains my struggles and triumphs in a NT world.

Send Chocolate
"slightly dark, a little bit nutty...Cheaper than candy and half as sweet" Add two children with autism, a teenager, homeschooling, two cats, a geek husband and the daily grind... you get? Me with ...

The Quirk Factor: Resistance is futile...
Parenting on the Autism spectrum, while trying to survive Murphy's Law one day at a time.

Everyday Adventures
The joys and challenges of raising three boys with autism -- 7-yr-old twins and a 3-yr-old.

This is the story of "The Mighty" Quinn, born May 1st,2006. Quinn was born with a disorder called PHACES Syndrome and was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years of age. He is nicknamed the "Mighty Quinn" for ...

Brilliant Spectrum Child
Life with three unique and special kids, but especially focusing on the different world with an ASD kid. Humor and encouragement more than technicalities or advocacy.

Elvis Sightings
Pondecommunitys about my daughter, who lives with autism, epilepsy, and linear nevus sebaceous syndrome (LNSS). The term "Elvis sighting," from the book Unstrange Minds by Roy Richard Grinker, refers ...

One Day at a time
Just taking "One Day at a Time". This blog is about my son youngest son with Autism, ADHD,OCD and the struggles, life of chaos (ADD here for me as well) and parenting the special needs child. I love ...

Tribe of 3 Feisty Kids
I am a thoroughly eclectic home schooling mom raising three awesome kids -- Sarah(14), James(9), and Patricia Elizabeth (4) in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. My oldest child has Asperger's ...

Mama on the Edge
Stay tuned as this divorced mom with two boys on the spectrum (one with coexisting mental illness, cognitive disability, and epilepsy) shares the joys and perils of puberty, auti-style.

Building Common Ground
Building common ground between people on the autism spectrum and those who love, work with and play with them.

Quinn's Journey With PHACES Syndrome,Autism and Stroke
This is the story of "The Mighty" Quinn, born May 1st,2006. Quinn was born with a disorder called PHACES Syndrome and was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years of age. He is nicknamed the "Mighty Quinn" for ...

Coping with Autism
One mother's journey to understand and help her children with autism spectrum disorders.

Melrose's Place - The Wisdom of Autism
Melrose is my pen name. I am a homeschooled girl with Asperger's Syndrome - a kind of autism. Sometimes I have trouble coping with friends and people because I'm different. My mother says I have wisdom ...

Teen Autism
Life with an autistic teen and his younger brother . . . Single parenting, homeschooling, book reviews, tips from the trenches, and a witty, borderline-positive outlook.

Autism Family Adventures
Single parenting two children on the autism spectrum. There will be IEP talk, behavior issues, therapies explored, book and toy reviews.

Bon Bon Gazette
Debunking the myth that Stay home moms sit on their butts eating candy and watching soaps. Fun Mama at the Jersey shore shares life with 2 kids, one with autism and one diva. Includes gluten & casein free ...

Mother of Shrek
Single mum to C a non verbal 20 year old who keeps me on my toes.

Crazy Jugs: Come Read About My Junk
It's time to open the bottle and let go of the junk!!! I fear that if people knew the real me, they wouldn't like me so I blog in the closet. More about this and other daily struggles I face including ...

Info about art and disabilities
OT and artist discuss info on art and disabilities.

Autistic by Injection
I started this blog to let out some frustration and reach other parents going through the same challenges, while trying to raise a child with autism.

Living, Learning, Laughing, & Loving with Autism

But you don't look autistic...
Internet diary of a sixteen-year-old girl with Asperger's Syndrome.