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We live in an increasingly visual world that has manifested itself in the technological advances of television, video, and the Internet. One of the biggest offshoots of this shifting dynamics has been the creation and progress of new professions. A profession that didn’t exist to the same level as it does now has been the modeling industry. Becoming a successful model is one of the biggest tickets to fame and has become a viable profession for many people that have been blessed with great genes. This dream of becoming a model has even been manifested on reality TV, where supermodel Tyra Banks hosts the popular show, Americas Next Top Model, which selects one worth candidate out of fourteen contestants to receive a prize of a high profile modeling contract.

You can see models peer at you demurely in advertisements that fill up our magazines, our television commercials, and even our billboards. Whether its bikini models that sell the wares of companies like Victoria’s Secret or models that sell something as common as gum, models have become a highly visible part of our society. For modeling enthusiasts, it can be sometimes difficult to find the information that you want about this thriving industry. Thankfully, we have created the most comprehensive modeling resource on the Internet. Find out everything you have always wanted to know about the modeling industry with us, as we examine the world of preteen models, teen models, child super models, and male models.

Super Models – The World of Adult Models

From the catwalks of Milan to the trendiest parties in New York City, it sure seems life is great to be a hot model. After all, we have seen in the last fifteen years the rise of the concept of the supermodel. One of the most fascinating aspects of the modeling age is how the popular models of their time represent the unique beauty aesthetics of their time. From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Elle McPherson, and Christie Brinkley were all the rage. These tall, curvaceous women were largely representative of the bigger is better philosophy of the late 1980s. These smiling symbols of perfection ushered in an age where modeling became a major part of pop culture. While many of these models attempted to branch out into different careers, the late 1980s were a time where supermodels were able to subsist on their modeling fame.

While the early 1990s were a period of tall, shiny, smiling women, the mid to late 1990s were a completely different time. Perhaps influenced by the popularization of grunge music and the growing problems of heroin among the arts community, the mid 1990s saw the rise of a modeling trend called heroin chic. Rather than the tall, curvaceous models of a few years ago, supermodels of this time aspired to be like Kate Moss – tiny, skinny, troubled girls that you would think twice about taking home with you to meet the parents. The appeal of this raw, more realistic type of supermodel showcased how difficult the modeling industry could be.

Although just a few years ago, the path to becoming a super model was in the process of getting established, the shifting conceptions of beauty crystallized how much timing matters when it comes to becoming a model. While most people see the perks of being a model and wonder where the actual work is, modeling is actually a demanding profession. The super models that you see on the cover of magazines have been fortunate in being in the right place and at the right time but they have also showed an intense work ethic to make it where they are.

Modeling involves a lot of traveling, long photo shoots that begin early in the morning, and an expectation of looking perfect. In addition to the tiring pace of work, the career span for most models is usually cruelly short. Let’s face it, while people criticize models for being the epitome of superficiality in modern culture, there’s only so long that models are able to maintain the perfect, youthful looks that are expected from models. For many models, their careers will last for only a few years, which explain why many prominent models attempt to build other careers in different fields at the same time that they are modeling. Due to the short time span that individuals have to make a name for themselves in the modeling industry, more and more people are entering the modeling world while they are still a child.

Child Modeling – The World of Preteen Models

What seemed so inconceivable several generations ago has become one of the surest paths to future success. While slightly controversial, the world of child modeling has become one of the most thriving subsets of the modeling industry. Child Super Models can be found with more regularity and these go getters often evolve into big stars. Examples of young models that have gone on to bigger things include Brooke Shields and Lindsay Lohan. Due to the high visibility of these young models that have gone on to become major celebrities, many parents are working hard to make their child’s dreams of becoming a model come true.

There has never been a time where preteen models have been bigger as they are right now. Preteen Model Websites are popping up all over the Internet and many young people are devoting their lives to becoming established Teen Models. As the modeling industry has become firmly entrenched in culture, we are witnessing the rise of many international children’s models. Russian Child Models are highly sought and many parents are aggressively pushing their children into modeling.

The rise of preteen modeling has been satirized and commented on by a number of sources. Arguably the most famous instance of this was in the Academy Award nominated comedy, Little Miss Sunshine. Although the movie follows the adventures and dysfunctions of an eccentric family that is trying to work through their quirks while on a road trip, Little Miss Sunshine is also about children’s modeling. The youngest daughter of the family has qualified for the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant and this is the reason why the family is on the trip in the first place.

Regardless of how you feel about the rise of child modeling, it would be impossible to ignore this emerging force. As we live in a world that continues to value youth more and more, the child model industry and teen models industry look like they will continue to grow in the future.

Male Models

Although most people associate modeling with beautiful women, it is important to note that there are a number of highly successful male models that have found their niche within the industry. While male models had been satirized in the Ben Stiller classic, Zoolander, there is still quiet a demand for male models.

One of the biggest advantages that male models have over female models is that they are able to enjoy a longer career. While women have to unfairly conform to notions of youthful beauty, male models are able to flourish as many women find aging men to be extremely beautiful. One of the prerequisites of being a male model in this day and age is to be muscular in a toned way. Much like female models, the popularity of a male model’s look will largely depend on what is considered beautiful at the time.