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Bunny Queen
Follow along as I knit, learn to come to terms with my new spinning wheel, and work with the MCRS to find homes for rabbits.

CursingMama: I work, I eat, I sleep, I parent, and I spouse. I also knit, hunt for moose,garden, read, drink, and raise hell.

Holly Knitlightly
A lot about knitting and a little about life

Fiber Fool
The fiber adventures of a Minnesota native, including knitting, spinning, cooking, and gardening.

LightsOutDesigns - a girl learning to knit
a girl learning to knit and all the issues that come with it!

Valkryie Knit This
Where I talk about knitting, my dogs, and the occasional exploding ovary.

Skeins Her Way
A mostly knitting blog...

fifth lamp down
I live in Saint Paul, MN I work in a Yarn Store I work in a Fabric Store I enjoy taking outdoor pictures I have two kids I have one husband

Hoelting Knits
knitting and life

Clicking Sticks
Knitting chronicle and musings about all kinds of things.

The Meema Files
A blog about my world of knitting, music, and a little girl.

Royal Knitting
A blog by a gal who is royally obsessed with knitting!


Honest, opinioniated, or rude depending on how you look at it. Fascinated by how knit philosophy relates to life, but refuses to believe the knitting community is as homogeonized as it seems.

Lazily obsessive crafting and life rambling.

Lots about machine and hand knitting. I have free and for sale patterns.

Knitting, Wedding, Child, DH, Dog- Crazy life, jsut trying to stay sane...

Spare Room Knits
Treasures from the nearly forgotten space

Nature Knitter
I'm a middle-aged, tattooed biker woman, forced to work to support my knitting & bird-feeding habits. I share my indoor space with 1 husband, 1 dog, & 1 cat. My blog is mostly about nature, but I throw ...

From The Back Yard
Knitting, mostly socks...

The Knotty Mrs. Crankypants
The first attempt at a blog about a life that is full of everything and nothing at all. It's the daily battles with kids, pets, knitting, hockey, diabetes, ADD, to-do lists, money, gardening and depr ...

Confessions of a craft junkie
Blogging about loom knitting, learning to needle knit, and other crafty stuff

Knits In Class
I teach, I knit, I parent, thought I'd blog about it.

My knitting, sewing, crafting, cooking outlet

A Blog about Knitting
A Blog about knitting. I am in the beginning of my Saturn Return and I have decided to make a sock yarn blanket. This will be about my progress with the blanket and life in general. I am a mommy to 8 furr ...

How Big Is Your Stash
How big is Your Stash is about my knitting, the good, the bad and the awful. It also discusses my pets, the horses and my family as well as some observations about whatever strikes my fancy. I try to ...

Passion To Create
Fibers, Fabrics, Knitting, Felting, Weaving, Spinning, Quilting, Beads, Soldering, Polymer Clay, Paper arts, Photography, Book-making, Scrapbooking, Stamping, Decorative Painting, Gardening, Cats and Santa ...