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Click Member link to see site in tvIron Range Knitters
We are a group of knitters who live on Minnesota's Iron Range and gather every Tuesday night to knit and chat at Knitting Knight, a yarn store owned by Amber Krueger, in Hibbing, Minnesota.

limedragon ~ a knitting dragon
a knitting dragon with too much to do in too little time, lime loves socks, yarn, and vintage stuff, especially '40s-'50s-'60s kitchen glassware.

lazy knitting for the masses
Knitting and spinning fight for precedence in my life. Family, triathalon training and reading duke it out for the rest of my time. I'm sure my children will have lots of interesting stories to tell their ...

Range Roving Spinner
Ramblings of a nomadic 50-ish spinner and knitter who has found a home (for now) on Minnesota's Iron Range with her dog, two cats, her knitting needles, her spinning wheel, and a room full of roving. ...

Daily Fiber Therapy
A twenty-something knitter and her adventures with too much fiber and not enough time to knit/spin/crochet/sew it all. Cast of characters includes a far-too-understanding husband, a silly basset hound, ...

moirae knitting
Moirae knitting is the place where I conduct my virtual adventures in knitting. On one hand knitting for me is a place where I'm the one firmly in control of my destiny. On the other, I need to loosen ...

Everybody wants a rock...
...to wind a piece of stcommunity around. Knitting blog with mineral inclusions, and guest appearances by resident cat, bearded dragon lizard, and corn snake.

Amber Joy Knits
Amber Joy lives in the Twin Cities, MN and spends far too much time knitting and thinking about knitting. This is her blog.

My Knitting Habit
My blog details my knitting projects. I started knitting in 2006, and prior to that was big into rubberstamping. I love knitting and reading knitting blogs, so started my own blog.

splatgirl creates
A creative chronicle of cooking, food, knitting, art & design, building a house and whatever else I dream up today. Ideas big and small, whispers of inspiration, thinking out loud and living at full v ...

a quiet guy's journaling of his adventures in various forms of stitchwork (knit, crochet, cross stitch, needlepoint) and gardening

Pictures and stories of all the adorable children that are kind enough to wear the hats I create.

Of Faith & Fiber
Musings of a Christian homeschooling Fiber Artist who isn't always focused on one thing or another but goes where the Spirit leads.

From the Back Yard
Mostly about what I have been knitting, mostly socks.

Debbie Does Duluth
Life from the cubicle, the bus, the cubicle, the bus, and occasionally the yarn store!

Knittin' Kninja
Just another knitting blog

Pembroke Purls
A software engineer by profession, knitter and dog breeder/trainer by passion, living on 40 beautiful acres in Southern MN.

Cashmere Dreams on a Kitchen Cotton Budget
Yet another Minnesota knitter fighting with her fiber addiction.

Midwest Knit Girl

My on-line knitting (sometimes crochet) journal.

Hookee's Happening's
A place where I can share my interests and daily life, with family and friends.

Knitting With Meezers
personal blog of knitter in Minnesota who is owned by Siamese (Meezers).

Geek mom's knitting adventures!

Perky Knits and Stitches
Knitting and Whatever else

Blogging about knitting, teaching knitting and designing my own knitted things.

Prioritizing the Paranoias
Fiber arts in the far southeast corner of MN.

Peaceful Easy Knitting
It started with a baby blanket...now I'm trying to find time to knit, write, sew, photograph, design, read and watch.

Kelly's Blog
My knitting and stuff.

Funny Magic

Too Much Yarn
Journal of a full-time programmer, part-time knitter and her quest of \"yarn collection\".

Vegan Craftastic
All sorts of vegan craftyiness and general mischief from a girl living in Saint Paul, MN.

Twenty acres and NO sheep
knitting, spinning, weaving in the rural southeastern MN countryside

Tempting Yarns
Adventures of a new, self-starting knitter near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tips you'll be tempted to try. Professed math geek (yes, I calculate the approximate number of stitches in a piece to estimate the ...

Senja Knits
A place to show off my knitting projects my husband doesn't care about.

Jill's Chat
Knitting my way through life with 2 cats

Crochet Compulsive
A place to be publicly accountable for my um, er, ugh, AHHHHHHHHHH, compulsive crochet habits. OK, I said it. It's out and now we can get on with it. Kids, dogs and life in general may also at times make ...

Mias Folk Art
A place where I share adventures in life, knitting, sewing, painting, rearranging furniture (ha) and my 2 dogs, and cat.

iki knits
20-ish MN knitter blogs about knitting, cats, random thoughts and photography

The Heathen Housewife
knitting, food, kids

Kids With Fiber
Two kids, knitting projects, and a little sewing, spinning and pets

Kimchee and Crafting

Blogidy blog
A blog by a absolute newbie knitter, who is now completely obsessed with the craft... entries about knitting, crafts, life, cooking, dogs, cats, family, etc.

Inspired Procrastination
I live, work, knit & blog in Minneapolis, MN.

Undercounted Sassy
A Minnesotan working in the legal industry who knits furiously (but without much progress) while viewing copious amounts of TV. In what spare time is left, she keeps busy being an evangelical for Veronica ...

Wilde Rose Knitting
Knitting in the wilds of Minnesota- I knit and am an artist who enjoys drawing, photography and graphic design.

Pink Argyle
Mom and I talk about knitting all the time anyway, so we might as well talk about it on a blog, together!

autumn's daughter knits
read about autumn's daughter's knitting adventures, singing haps and mishaps, university life, and mystery writing.

nuttnbunny makes some stuff
a journal of general creation

A Caffeinated Yarn
Knitting, reading, cooking, and crafty goodness from a Minnesota native studying Classics in Chicago.

Knitting In My Sleep
Wife & mom of 3 living in Southern MN, working full time, have a business on the side, active in church Sunday School program...where else would I find time to knit but in my sleep?