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Click Member link to see site in tvOn The Homefront
Drowning in a sea tide of Christian fundamentalism, right-winged politics, and the Just War Theory and finding the courage to swim against it.

Doing Theology from the Caribbean
The theological meandecommunitys of Daniel Schweissing, American Baptist missionary to the Bahamas.

The Levellers were a religiously-inspired movement for radical democracy, social justice (especially for the poor), religious liberty and human rights. The most eloquent of their leaders was the General ...

Never Give Up
Trust in the power of Nonviolence to Heal the World

Observations from the Sidelines
by One Ejected from the Game

the little fights
A former soldier turned pacifist attempting to work out principled non-violence and political engagement.

Shuck and Jive
A Presbyterian minister blogs about spirituality, culture, religion (both organized and disorganized), life, evolution, literature, Jesus and lightening up. John Shuck is the pastor of the First Presbyterian ...

don't eat alone
thoughts on food, faith, family, and friends

earth as it is in heaven
Reflections on being God's people, following Jesus, and walking in the Spirit while living in Durham, NC, loving a good woman who is changing the world, being a dad, reading good (mostly) books, doing ...

An occasional bulletin of my search for truth, justice, and "I'm still withholding judgment on the American way." I consider myself a traditional baptist, and just in case you haven't figured it out, I ...

Shuck and Jive
A Presbyterian minister blogs about spirituality, culture, religion (both organized and disorganized), life, evolution, literature, Jesus and lightening up. John Shuck is the pastor of the First Presbyterian ...

Pondecommunitys on a Faith Journey
The personal blog of Bob Cornwall, a Disciples of Christ pastor, journal editor, and church historian. The blog covers matters of faith, theology, politics, and culture.

Musings from My Daily Existence
The issues I am going to dedicate my blog to are peace and what it means to experience God's love. Some of my older posts were a little superficial, but I'm changing my ways, as you can see in my last ...

conjectural navel gazing, jesus in lint form
"The one who can preserve gentleness in the midst of sorrows and suffecommunitys and peace in the midst of the multiplicity and business of affairs - that person is almost perfect." - Francis de Sales ...

Love Your Enemies
The purpose of this blog is to provide a neutral place where Christians can come together to discuss issues relating to the commandment given by Jesus: “Love Your Enemies.” This is an open forum, allegiance ...

Curious Primate
I blog on my experiences as a gay, progressive Christian, member of a UCC congregation, in exile from the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. I support the work of SoulForce, in its commitment to use nonviolent ...

seeking spirit
Seeking Spirit: loving nature, silence, spaces, and images of life and Light

Mercy Not Sacrifice
If you had known what these words mean, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the innocent. (Matthew 12:7)

Whatis the Kingdom?
i don\'t know how much blogging i\'ll ever do. hopefully i will do a lot. but welcome none the less. what is the kingdom of God? what is it like? how is it lived out everyday? how does it affect the ...

An Absolution Revolution
Christianity, anarchism, postmodernism, Biblical studies, equality, peace and justice.

Peace Church Challange
For all Christian Churches to return to the concept of being a peace church.

Pondecommunity It All
Just my novice thoughts and questions on aspects of the Christian Faith......

The Practice of Peace
A blog promoting the Practice of Peace in and by the church and the world. Written by a a liberal, progressive, follower of Jesus Christ (Episcopalian variety), woman, wife, mother, local coordinator of ...

Love Your Enemies
Our site is dedicated to researching the instruction of Jesus to love one's enemies. We have and continue to answer the toughest questions as well as provide top notch online books, articles, and even ...

Catholic Mindset
A daily blog discussing Christian values with a Catholic mindset.

One Queer Woman's Jaded View
These are the irregular musings of an ex-Lutheran who goes to a Methodist seminary and works in a UCC church. I'm sort of like a buffet.

Junia's Daughter: A Catholic Woman Bishop Celebrates Divine Love!

Christian Socialism on the web
ActsFourThirtyFour takes a modern, liberal and controversial look at society, religion and politics in the UK, US and worldwide, bcommunitying Christian Socialism into the heart of current debates.

The Rev's Rumbles
A retired progressive Presbyterian USA minister's thoughts on theology, politics and whatever else strikes his fancy

I'm a pacifist and it definitely comes up in my writing. This is a theological blog through which I publish my ruminations for your enjoyment. Mostly they get me in trouble. Sometimes we have a nice ...

Return Good for Evil
Return Good for Evil refers to the radical commands of Christ about self-sacrifice and love for enemies. This blog comments on current events from the perspective of Christian nonviolence.

Between Worlds
Life, politics, faith, culture, peace, humanity and in-humanity; with an emphasis on the painful man-made context of Palestine/Israel

turtledoves and tofu
science, scripture and the sacred feminine

Ping Pong and Tidbit
A blog run by two students of Christian theology dedicated to understanding the role of religion in popular culture

the free (church) radical
Welcome to the Free (Church) Radical blog. If you have arrived here from www.astatum.net, you'll notice that a few have changed. You may still access older posts from my older blog at www.astatum.blogspot.com. ...

Probing the Opportunities for Peacemaking
My site is a reflection on the political, spiritual and personal experience of international peacemaking for the past forty years. Peacemaking requires wide margins of imagination. I try to apply creativity ...

My Twisted Life's Journey
I'm a Catholic Mom to be who lives in the desert. I enjoy blogging because it's like note taking on life. I read stuff learn something new and then comment on it. Peace activism to me is something ...