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A Community for Muslim Bloggers to engage each other on every level as only blogging can provide.

To Know is to Know that You really Don't.
Profane. Profound. What's your poison?

Lost in Semantics
I know im in my own little world. But its ok. They know me here.

Hanna's Ramblings
Meet Hanna - A quirky, 19 yr old Muslim living in London - trying to follow Islam but at the same time, getting caught up in the usual teenage dramas... University, boys, marriage, friends and family... ...

Just thoughts of things...ITS ALL ME

The Front Line
The Thin Line Between Entertainment and War.

rants, raves and quirks? Click and decide for yourself. hmmm... I come armed with weapons of mass destruction: intelligence, a range of literature and literary stuffs, history, philosophy, a generous ...


Work And Play

Waiting in Transit...
Polishing the Brass on the Titanic.


Tools, Trends and Islam on the Internet

Rhymes with Silver

Lets gather the ummah @ one platform
My motive is to raise the awareness in muslim ummah,about what we need at this time. we need unity.

The ever great Waseem
A personal site for my musings

The Independent
Independent Voice Personal opinion about mid east society, culture, crime and punishment. We publish once a week on a mid east topic of interest presented in the middle eastern news that addresses one ...


RaMbLings Of My ErraTic SouL
RambLings Of a CapRicious MusLim GaLz Trying to Make sense of her world...

Hamzeh's Xbox360 den
Everything and anything relating to the Xbox 360 and other consoles.

My Muslim Mom
Reflections of an American Muslim Mom

Peace Seeker 99
My blog is dedicated to the promotion of peace and social justice for all people.

Just Be
Quirky,thoughtful,dreamy, anything & everything posts of a mid-twenties proudly Muslim South African female

Oh My Golly
Just thoughts and ideas with some quirks thrown in.

2000 AH
Sci-fi and Islam.

a blog bout my life... dats it!!