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A Miyavi Community for quality Miyavi fansites and for sites/online publications owned by fans of Miyavi.

caged tsunami
A personal site for Summer Hortillosa containing her poems, stories, art, among other things. There's always something to entertain you at this site.

Onpu no tegami
Shrine dedicated to the lucious Miyavi... has images, fan art, discography, etc.

Meev - The Graphic Journal
A live journal that showcases the galleries and PV stills removed from Night In Girl (http://www.elegantmiyavi.com) due to PSC's image policy.

Pop is DEAD
It's a Miyavi Fanlisting! Started on 1/3/03 fueled soley on my adoration for Miyavi! You should sign up too, you Miyavi Lovers! Unite!

Phoenix Rising
This is my personal site, with creative works by me. Mostly just stories and artwork. Nothing Miyavi-related as of yet, but as time goes on, I'm sure there will end up being something.

Indra Permana Rusli Weblogs
This is my site and the content is all about me, my personal stuff, portfolio, and others. Since I like Miyavi very much, sometimes I make a post about him, and upload his MP3. Of course you can download ...