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An engineecommunity science student who is a nerd but love knitting.....

I'm a Purse Ho
A knitting blog of a Chinese girl born, raised and living in Texas...who feels like she doesn't belong in Texas. Join her and her many many knitting projects

nicomara: knits and things
a pinay who dreams in fiber content, color, and pattern making =) well, one day pattern making.

Jersey Knitter
Greetings! from Jersey Knitter, a blog devoted to knitting roundabout Exit 151.

Knitting in the Valley
I was born and raised in Hong Kong - a city where I had lived for 37 years. Now I am living in California, USA. Joining this knitters community allows me to establish some kind of connection to the region ...

Knittin' Gal
Trials & tribulations of a newbie knitter in Malaysia

My blog about knitting, family and other things that are important to me or just lodged in my brain and needing to come out.

Stream of Consciousness
In which an overly analytical knitter uses too many words to describe what she's doing.

Kneurotic Knitter
A kneurotic litte knitter born and raised in YVR, lived in HK and now lives in YYZ.

A Gathecommunity of Wool
A (Filipina) Carolina girl's chronicles of her adventures in knitting, her incorrigible cats and life in California.

amimono no-to
A blog by a Japanese knitter/crocheter/spinner, who is currently living in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.

Plays well with yarn...and sometimes others
Blog home of a Japanese American living in the Bay Area. Here is where I talk about yarn, knitting, rant about the office, etc. All the stuff that I've burned out all my IRL friends on!

located in jakarta, indonesia. love and dream to knit and crochet full time job *i wish*....;-)

Pink Hands
A place where I can showcase my latest knitting projects and talk about life in Nova Scotia as a Chinese-Canadian.

Ruth's Knits
Chinese-American in N. California!

Bamboo Sticks
Bamboo Sticks are the friends of Yarn and creaters of Knitted Things, from Leg Warmers to Bunnies. They might be Made in Japan, but they travel all over the world.

knotty knit picks
my knitting weblog

Some Bunny's Weblog
A diary of my works in progress, whether in yarn, my garden, and life in general.

knitting and life in general.

Musing N Doing
Knitter in London who started out life in KL, Malaysia. Also, mum of 2 and the blog involves them too.

Chibisan Knits
The trials and tribulations of an obsessed, self taught knitter.

Needles are a girls' best friend
Confessions of a knit-obsessed teenager

YAB.. Yet another blog?

this blog it's about my family,fun,and knitting.

Knit now, Study later
Blog of a college student trying to balance knitting and studying (so far, knitting is winning)

Blah, Blah, Blahhhg
Born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada. A blog about family, knitting (mostly socks and toys), aikido, reading and librarianship.

Meowycakes Clothing Co =^,,^=
Cats, pointy sticks (chopsticks or knitting needles - your choice) and lots of yarn :)

Crochet and Other Stuff
A blog about my hobby of crochet and knitting. Lots of projects with photos and lots of interesting links for crochet and knitting. I also offer high quality threads made by Coats Manila Bay, Inc.

Lone Knitter
Poet, Ph.D. student in Literature, and writing teacher. This is an account of how I spend my time when I am not writing or reading.

My adventures in Knitting, Crochet and...
I'm a bears artist, designing myself my patterns and most a crochet addicted

Jari jemari
I am a stay at home mom of three boys who love knitting, crochet and quilting

Rows of Purls
Knitting resources and projects from an American knitter living in Korea.

Bea Knits
Thoughts on knitting, spinning, knitting, cooking, becoming a mommy, did I mention knitting? from a Korean-American woman living in the South.

knits 'n bits
Born in Hong Kong, raised in Toronto, Canada. This is a blog for the ramblings and musings of a graduate student about knitting and everything else in life.

My blog to share my love of knitting.

Sunny Mocha Knit
Knitting in Singapore. Just beginning

Beach Bum Knits!

I have family living in Singapore. I currently reside in Iowa City, IA in the US.

Love Knitting
Love Knitting & Knitting Love

Paws for Effect
Chinese Canadian from Brunei living in Alberta, Canada!

Knitting in the suburbs.

tiennie knits
tiennie knits, quilts, reads and watches too much tv!

Knitiots of Stockton
We Knit

A nurse who knits
I love knitting and traveling. And I love that nursing allows me to do both!

Confessions of a Sociopathic Knitter
Crafty goodness, or rather a lot of knitting goodness!

Mama Stop Knitting!
Yarn-related tales of a young family living sometimes in Singapore, sometimes in Shanghai

Half Asian, half European, 100% knitting.

Knitting Dreams
I am Chinese and moved to LA, USA. I picked up my knitting again a few months ago because I had a dream on knitting.....

Joys of Knitting
A Thai person lost in Canada with only knitting to guide the way.

Azs Knits
Knitter from Malaysia