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This is a community for the members of Miniglobe Collectors. It is an exclusive club to members of The Site Fights only.

Wendy's Days In The Shade
My life illustrated on line, along with my sitefight pages and assorted things that catch my fancy! :)

Fairy WaterLily
This is a page all about Fairy WaterLily. There are globes, charms, cartoon dolls and much more! :o)

Speedy does Snowglobes
Speedy's spirit den, this room is where I keep my treasured snowglobes.

Faery Aset's Mini Snow Globe Collection
Mini Snow Globe Collection from when I joined The Site Fights in 2000 and have continued ever since.

Treasure the Spirit - Snowglobe Collectibles
Spirit Midnight Kitten's Snowglobe Collectibles Showcases, past & present. =)

Spirit Sunshine's Snowglobe Showcase
This page is my snow globe collectibles show case!

Fantastic World of the Findlays Miniglobes
View the wonderful snowglobes we've collected as part of this wonderful group.

SakiMonkey's Splendid Site
Specializes in e-mail signature tags and animated snowglobes. Also has a large cartoon doll creator, as well as many pre-made dolls. Has charm sheets too.

Neopian Books
A place for fellow Neopians to go and search for books that are on the site.