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If you're looking for vintage and modern mini bikes then you've come to the right place! Modern or vintage, mini bikes, motorbikes, we have it all right here in this community dedicated to those who love mini bikes.
Use our community to find your next mini bike for sale or to add to your collection of modern or vintage mini bikes. Find a mini dirt bike, mini pocket bikes and much more right here.

Mini Bikes, Dirt Bikes and More
If you love the excitement of a fast ride, then you've come to the right place! Modern and Vintage Mini Bikes for sale as well as Mini dirt bikes, Mini pocket bikes, Mini motor bikes and more.

Mini Bikes For Sale
Looking for Modern and Vintage Mini Bikes? We've got Mini Bikes for sale. Mini dirt bike, Mini pocket bikes, Mini motor bikes and more right here.

Vintage & Modern Mini Bikes - Little Bikes For Big Riders
When I think of vintage & modern mini bikes alike, I can't help but picture the little bikes that clowns putter around on during parades! For those who are fans of the bikes though, I would imagine that the image that comes to mind is a little different!

What we know as vintage mini bikes started out life as pitbikes back in the fifties. They were used to drive up and down the tight pit roads without too much effort. They weighed virtually nothing and were very nimble and fast. They were introduced to the masses by the drivers themselves when they took their pitbikes home at weekends and at the ends of their shits. Children used to crowd around the bikes and soon they were getting their dad’s to try and emulate the pitbikes so they too could be cool and own one. The first copies of these bikes were hand made and had lawnmower engines in them to power the rider around. This meant that they were only two stroke engines but they ran fast. The engine uses a chain which is strapped to the centre of the rear wheel, similar to a cycle bike chain that powered the wheel causing movement. These bikes were quite crude but the children of the time did not mind they still felt cool.

The mini bike is the successor of the pitbike or vintage bike as they are now known. The mini bike has been called a multitude of names that include the pocket rocket and rocket skate, but deep down the mini bike is just a scaled down version of a real motorbike. They are still powered by a two stroke engine and because of this they are still classed as not street legal. They can be used off road though and on private land. The bikes are not designed to carry small children although they do often use them. In these cases they are limited so that they cannot reach a dangerous speed and injure themselves. Mini bikes that have not been limited can reach speeds of forty miles per hour and even an adult driving needs to be aware that they too if not careful hurt themselves very badly. It is advised that you wear the correct safety gear that you would wear on a normal motor bike if you are going to ride even if that ride is a mini bike.

Pitbikes and mini bikes are also used in motor cross sports up and down the country. Nowadays you can buy a pitbike ready made but they need quite a bit of modifications so that they are right for the rider. They now have them available in both two stroke and four stroke engines that go up as far as one hundred and sixty cc. There are several companies that you can buy off the rack pit bikes and mini bikes, companies like Pitster Pro, OGM, PitPro and MotoVert all supply bikes to the motor cross and super cross communities. They are then modified to fit the driver and his or her style.

If you are thinking of buying a new or used pit bike or mini bike then check out the internet for some savvy deals that will not break the bank.