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Click Member link to see site in tvRight Minded Americans
A place to discuss conservative values and what we can do as conservatives to make sure our voices are heard and our interests are not ignored.

Little Drops....Into the pool of Life
In search of those "Little Drops" that spread the ripples of good around the world.

The Balance of Terror: Thoughts From the Edge of the Western World
Military and whatever techy things strike my fancy.

Tall Tales of Felony and Failure
Join the submarine pirate crew onboard the G.S. Patience, an upgraded, privately held Whiskey Class submarine.

A resource created specifically to address money matters for America's Military Families, because YOUR MONEY MATTERS!

The Blogshevik
A veterans perspective on politics, society and America. I have 25 years of experience in pissing people off. I joined ducommunity the Carter administration and left ducommunity GWB's administration. I ...

Africa Partnership Station
Africa Partnership Station is a US Navy led initiative brining Maritime Safety and Security to Africa. Our blog follows the initiative and the news it leaves behind from all over the world; Good, Bad,or ...

Bouhammer's Afghan & Military Blog
A blog created by a 21-year veteran of the Army, currently serving as a First Sergeant in the NY Army National Guard. This blog started out as a way for me to write about military related issues. It turned ...

Soldiers Wife

Intel Base
Timely intelligence reports and links serving you hard-to-find news about conflicts, security, and threats around the world.

What is a submariner doing in Afghanistan, a landlocked country?

Castra Praetoria
With history in mind I decided to begin this blog as a way of offecommunity a few good stories about things I may or may not have seen ducommunity my career (and as a way of keeping a few good people ...

Life Off-Base
Find out what it's like to live the life of this Air Force wife.

A Work in Progress

The Cyborg Life
Productivity tips from a nuke submarine officer.

Herbal's C2 HQ
Quick opinion and weak punditry.

Ben Shaw
Stories from War. A Marine Veteran returns to Iraq to put a face to the anonymous term "troop."

Under the Sea
A Navy wife's view on mommyhood, being married to a sub rider, and trying to grow Southern roots while keeping a Yankee heart.

Help and Support
A site for military and family members to get information and support each other through the forum.

Singing in the Rain
Remaining positive in a world that isn't. The thoughts of a conservative, Christian military wife about God, Books, Military life and more!

My Military Life - My LIfe in the U.S. Army
My Life in the U.S. Army is a look into my transition from civilian to soldier, with descriptions and details for family members and friends.

Susan Katz Keating
Longtime investigative journalist and author writes on national security, with special attention to honoring the troops and addressing PTSD

Susan Katz Keating: On National Security
Insights, advocay, and commentary from national security journalist Susan Katz Keating

Smitty's World Of Stuff
MMA News/UFC News, fighter updates, fight updates, mma entertainment, and more...

Ius Lex - Siglo XXI

Photography by John Michael
John Michael is a military heraldrist, historian who complements his work with his photography. From the beginnings as a professional photographer living in the Washington DC area, John Michael has traveled ...

Machete si Diorame clasice
Bine ati venit! Acest site este destinat modelistilor, celor pasionati de istorie si nu in ultimul rand celor care doresc sa-si dezvolte acest hobby. Veti gasi aici, machete, minimodele, diorame, tehnica ...

Vintage Chiffonier
Vintage Chiffonier este conceput ca un mic boutique in care veti descoperi haine si accesorii surprinzator de frumoase si cochete, apartinand mai multor stiluri, perioade si categorii de varsta ( vintage, ...

Squid Thoughts
A collection of musings from a patriotic former US Navy nuke. I generally have a lot of fluffernutter in my head and I've found that blogging tends to clear it out. I'm always thinking about our troops, ...

Some Iraq Veteran
Iraq veteran spouts off on all things military. Topics include: veterans' benefits, war news, military life, military history, and damn near anything else I feel like writing about that fits within the ...

Digging for Fire
A chronicle of modern warfare from a former Marine infantry sergeant. Hit-Haditha Corridor, al-Anbar Province, Iraq 2004-2005. Ben Christensen is a writer who re-enlisted into his old Marine reserve unit ...

Becki's Wild Navy Wife World
This is my place to share the lessons I have learned as a Navy spouse. Navy Life Lessons, Parenting lessons, Menu and budgeting ideas. The list goes on. My blog is where I express the information that ...

A-B-C Frugality
As a military spouse, life can be challenging: constantly moving and being uprooted from family and newly made friends, dealing with deployments and raising children alone, and of course, the unpredictability ...

The Gruntled JO
A blog dedicated to gaining the perspective of the junior naval officer and shaping their development. This is a forum to share opinions, experiences and observations on a wide range of topics in the ...

My Wedded Bliss Military Wives Blog
Vivian writes about her daily living and reflections as a military spouse. She and her husband, David, a career officer in the United States Army and their two sons live near Fort Bliss, Texas in the West ...

9 Weeks In My Boots - Army Basic Training
In 2008 I went to Fort Knox, Kentucky to complete Basic Combat Training for the Army. During my time there I decided to keep a journal of all my experiences, in the hopes it would help those that are thinking ...

Steeljaw Scribe
This site is devoted to primary topics focusing on naval aviation, naval history, missile defense, national security policy and general strategy and plicy. Particular attention is paid to honor those ...

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome ( I.A.O. for short ) is a web log dedicated to bringing awareness to Combat PTSD and breaking it's stigma. Through my own personal experiences, recovery, treatment and healing ...

Military Photoshops
Welcome to my Fantasy world of Military Photoshops . My Photoshops Of Military Machines from around the world . Using photoshop i edit military hardware as i would like to see them . Much like a fan boy's ...

Afghanistan: Your Experience May Vary
About this blog: Coalition members serving in Afghanistan face HUGE differences in living and working conditions. From the posh courtyard in the International Security Assistance Force Headquarters compound ...

Cleared For Take-Off
Flight student's blog of training starting from Officer Candidate School through the Flight Training pipeline to the fleet. Welcome to the Cleared for Take-Off Blog! Gaining a commission as an Ensign ...

Hellcat Betty
I am an Oregon Army National Guard Wife with a penchant for sarcasm, witty comebacks, and funny photos. I love my husband dearly and am infinitely proud of him and all he's accomplished, but at times I ...

Cents'Able Shoppin!
Dedicated to showing friends and family new ways to save money, and have fun doing it! Living a lifestyle that helps us save money, and be frugal, can definitely be FUN! On my site, I talk about frugal ...

Veterans Day Word Search Puzzles
So often the importance of this day is forgotten and freedom so readily taken for granted. Our contribution this year is Veterans Day word search puzzles. Kids can play them at your cook out and it will ...

Power Point Ranger
A blog dedicated to poking fun at the Army through Power Point slides. On a random basis, I generate pictures of Power Point slides. Each slide is a humorous depiction of life in the Army, concentrating ...

Legacy Fighter
A new military blog. Run by a vet and covers the topic of anything military. I focus on Military history, The Warrior ethos, Military equipment, and Military benefits. These aren't the only topics but ...

PTSD: A Soldier's Perspective
I am a Gulf War I Combat PTSD vet, I have been Mentally Wounded for over 20 years. I carry the scars of War and have unleashed them on anyone near. I do not know how to turn the kill off, so I drill it, ...

My Personal View of U.S. Army History
Greetings to you all. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, during the Great Depression. My father was an army engineer at the time. In addition to living in Ohio, we lived in Florida, Puerto Rico, and New ...