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Click Member link to see site in tvSomething on the Staff
The life and times of a staff officer in Iraq. Thrill to the many amazing staff meetings! Gasp at the complexities of power point! Wonder at the point of it all! Would you like to know more?

The Life and Times of a Butterfly Wife
An Army wife\'s transformation . . .

Bellem et Pacis
Bellem et Pacis is written by a Marine officer and his wife

Ipse Dixit
Iconoclast. Rebel. Dr Pepper drinker.

Keep My Soldier Safe
A blog about my son who was deployed to Iraq on 01/13/05

Jack Yoest
Business Sense, Military Precision, Timeless Truth

Way Down In Kosovo
This Blog Shall Rise Again!

VMI Military Cadets
A place where cadets share their views and opinions about the U.S. Military and current news events around the world.

Kansas Country Times
This blog is a little bit about alot - observations of things I\'ve seen and experienced since becoming a military significant other, but also my opinions and other types of feelings and emotions about ...

Badgers Forward
A blog by an Engineer Company Commander on the front lines of the war against Islamofascism.

ArmyWife: Rants from Ft. Livingroom
views from a politically conservative Army wife

Bliss of the Unknown
My son is now on the other end of the earth. He is embarking to an "unknown" world that I only get a glimpse through media and the World Wide Web. He is an American Warrior. He is a Defender and I am sure ...

Orion Hood
Covecommunity the exploits and wandecommunity thoughts of a twisted modern-day Robin Hood as I meander through life. Firefighter, teacher, writer, poet, chess player, rugger, brand-new-enlisted soldier, ...

Soldiers' Angels of Alabama
Soldiers' Angels of Alabama (a.k.a. 'Bama Angels') is a group of volunteers -- military and civilian -- living in Alabama. We are supported by the Soldiers' Angels Foundation and many private donors. ...

Marine Wife - Semper Troops

The National Defense
Stay informed about military and veterans issues. The National Defense is the ONLY nationally-syndicated talk radio show geared toward veterans, active-duty military, national guard, reserves and their ...

Far From Perfect
The Life of a Paramedic and Military Medic. * years Prior Service in Intelligence with Special Forces, now re-enlisting after a hiatus as a Combat Medic.

Submariner in Marine land? With skimmers? AARGH!

US Army Infantry Officer and writer Jason Van Steenwyk reports on military and media coverage of War in Iraq, from Iraq.

Jack Army
Rants and misc. thoughts of an Army senior NCO.

Watch Your Six
The rants, experiences, and random thoughts of a Citizen Soldier called to active duty on the far side of the world.

Wrapping up a year in Afghanistan as an infantry officer and getting ready to head back to the states and life as a high school teacher.

Far East Cynic
A Far East located, politically focused, Blog with attention also paid to the finer things in life:

Rantburg is a daily compendium of news relating to the War on Terror.

War Of Wits
A detailed look at the slow disintegration of a nation; The destructive influence of political correctness on the United States of America

My Life
The misspelled ramblings of an Army with five kiddos, who is is finally deciding what to be when she grows up.

Honor, Duty, eMail
eMail Our Military is a charitable organization supporting U.S. military service members through morale boosting email correspondence, letters and care packages. Troop supporters can take part in a number ...

The Chronicles of Jake - (joined Ghost Battallion)
An SFQC student\'s life

Navy Dads
A Dad shares his civilian observations about his Daughter serving in the US Navy and welcomes other Navy Dads to provide commentary. Blog provides Navy 101 basics; Enlistment, Careers, New Recruit Gift ...

The Cat's Pajamas
Air Force wife temporarily trying to live amongst the Civilians.

The Roland Blog
General news and rants on military, political and whatever peaks my interest.

Thinking Nuclear
A retired Navy Chief making my way in the "real" world, generating electric power with the Atom.

Bcommunity the Heat, Bcommunity the Stupid
The point of this foray into the blogosphere is to give a better understanding of the Army to people that have little or no direct knowledge. I'm trying hard to translate from the jargon to plain Eng ...

Iraq War News
Iraq war news and photos of soldiers deployed and the reconstruction effort. Keep Your Helmet On{;}{;}

A site for Marines by a Marine

Kitchen Combat - Mama, did you wear combat boots?
Former Woman Marine turned military spouse and mom. This is a blog about my perspective on the military life, motherhood and memories of my time on active duty.

Sri Lankan Army has embarked on a mission which was long over due. The mission to free the innocent civilians in the North of the island from the brutal LTTE terrorist clutches is under way. This blog ...

Miss Ladybug

Veritably Bare
A glimpse of life as an Army wife of an enlisted infantryman and mother of three (plus one). I blog through the dark days of deployment, the bright days of being together and the sluggish days in between. ...

Wis Faest Wordum
I'm the 20-something working wife of an army officer. I have a passion for history and an affinity for the outdoors. I love cooking, designing, and creating things. I consider myself an artist, a nerd, ...

Life with this EOD wife
Crazy life as a stay at home mom of 3 and wife of an EOD tech. We've been through alot these last few years and I've blogged it on MySpace, but now it's time to get down and dirty.

GlobeTrekkin Medic
Covecommunity everything from military and veterans issue to travel, politics, and foreign language.

Soldiers in the Blogosphere
This blog exists to generate discussion about how we (the Army) can make better use of some of the newer web technologies - such as blogs - to communicate with the people we're sworn to protect. The blog ...

Consul-At-Arms II
A weblog by a former soldier and present-day U.S. foreign service officer.

Boots In Baghdad - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
A Grunts Life in Baghdad

Across the Pond - (joined Ghost Battallion)
A National Guard Soldier\'s view of Iraq and the War on Terrorism. Also included is anything of political affiliation that involves military.

Courage Without Fear
My little piece of the internet to tell my friends and family as well as those of my soldiers whats going on over here.

A Southern boy finds his way home from Afghanistan

CDR Salamander
Proactively “From the Sea”; leveraging the littoral best practices for a paradigm breaking business case rightsizing the core values supporting our mission statement via the 5-vector model.

It's Jakes Life
Ramblings about the life of an Army Reservist family, and the balance of the military and civilian life.