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I dedicate my time to studying and fighting the enemies of America and Western Civilization while simultaneously maximizing our national and civilizational capabilities, real and potential. Full spectrum ...

Crosshairs - Opinions And Commentary - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Current Events, Military, Political, Humor, Poetry

Asymmetric Military
I'm a reserve officer in the Army. I've been deployed to Iraq. This blog in my take on Army news and my thoughts on the military in general.

The website/collective of a military wife along with her family. Includes a blog, photos, writing, genealogy and tons more. Updated as needed.

SGT Dock's Holiday
Tales of boredom by a Medic at LSA Anaconda / Balad, Iraq

Sabot Loaded
Commander\'s Periscope......From The Right Side......

Ernie's Lil Corner
My blog, just started. I'm a Senior Chief Seabee in the Reserves, big MilBlog fan, just want to contribute a little, maybe help stem the anti-American, anti-Armed Forces wave in America today.

Headspace and Timing
My view on the military, politics, and the world

Gazing at the Flag
Pays tribute to the United States of America and the people who protect and defend her - the best and the brightest.

Free our Fobbits
Fighting Army issues in general, Iraq in particular (let\'s all get in the war).

Robin's Life as an Army Wife
My blog on living life married to someone who is active in the army. I am a army wife, mother of 2 young girls and a student when the army life style allows.

Wyld's Q & A
One of the few, in the realm of deployments and returns and his opinion of such transgresions.

Half a World Away
National Guard Legal NCO deployed (and then extended) to LSA Anaconda, Iraq.

The Lion of Babylon
In April 2003 Colonel Michael Whitehead, an Army Reservist, flew into Iraq and began a ten month eyewitness view of the opening year of the war. Messages from Babylon is a diary of life in a combat zone, ...

The Absence of Evidence is not the Evidence of Absence.
The Chronicles of Sgt. Martin and the Rest of Co B(-) through their deployment and afterwards.

... Where Liberty Has Arisen - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Partly created to chronicle my process of becoming a Marine officer, also to share my personal viewpoint on modern society, the war on terror, politics, and other relevant subjects.

Freedom will be Defended
in depth daily news surrounding all U.S. Forces, Reserves/Guards and international coalitions at current operations or any other deployment around the globe. We dig up the news the main stream media misses, ...

Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day
ARMAD is series of LIVE events over Amateur Radio that allow the citizens from our communities to express thanks and appreciation to our Troops, Veterans, and Military Retired.

Afghanistan Watch - (joined Ghost Battallion)
News and Op-ed about Canadian, ISAF, NATO, and American forces in the Afghan conflict.

Libertarian Republicans
The Pro-Defense wing of the libertarian movement. Covecommunity the Pro-War on Islamo-Fascism perspective. Blog Talk Radio show two nights a week \"Libertarian Politics Live.\"

Going to Iraq in late March 2007 for an undertermined amount of time with the 3rd Infantry Division based at Ft. Stewart.

The Liberty Zone
A blog on politics, guns and anything else liberty-related, maintained by a currently-deployed Virginia National Guard Soldier

Rmychk's Oh So Optimistic Blog
A journey through my now two year deployment with the Army National Guard in Iraq.

The Oxford Medievalist
Commentary on and analysis of military history (ancient, medieval, and U.S.) and issues, national security, politics, and the media.

Brad's Place on Blogger
Discussion of today\'s topics and topics that are near and dear to my heart.

Military History Blog
Welcome to the Military History Blog (MHB). MHB is the main site of a collection of history blogs. MHB was originally created in December of 2005 on Blogger, which now serves as the official archive of ...

All Ahead Full
This blog is written by a Navy Submarine Wife, entrepreneur, and soccer mom. The hubby just hit 20 years of service, with most of our time spent on the east coast. Come on over...

McNeilly's Perspective
This started out as letters to home from Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and has turned into a blog from various parts of mostly western Afghanistan.

JawBreaker 2 Delta
A Civil Affairs veteran from Green Bay gets ready for a second deployment to Iraq. Hilarity ensues....

OutdoorsPro is maintained by Mark S. Nelson, a professional ski patroller, rafting guide and Navy Reserve Hospital Corpsman. Posting on outdoors safety and recreation, politics and military issues.

Life of a Soldier's Wife
Just the everyday happenings of a soldiers wife.

Foreign and Domestic
That I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Minnesota against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The ravings of an infantryman far and long from home.

Sergeant Grumpy
Rants and raves chronicling the deployment of a Paratrooper deploying to Iraq from Colorado. Commentary about the homefront, the realities in Iraq, and the absurdities of Army life.

Slightly Right of Center
A 20 year veteran of the US Navy adds his two cents about the War and our elected officials in Washington

Money for Military
A blog to help military members with their finances, designed by a military member. I\'m in the Air Force and I wanted to help other military members.

Seeing the Elephant (recreated)
A journal of my Civil War reenacting experiences and observation, on the road, on the field, and on the \'net. Also included are commentary on other reenacting eras and things militaria that interest me, ...

False Motivation
Musings from a deployed soldier on life in general.

Thomas Hennefer, PhD
This blog is focused on military issues and military history, and examines to current issues on the GWOT whenever they become relevant.

WTF Over

Chinese Bandit Recon LRRP Team
The Chinese Bandit Recon LRRP Team 1st Bn (ABN) 8th Cav 1965-66 was awarded two Presidential Unit Citations for extraordinary heroism for their participation in the Battles of the Ia Drang (Pleiku November ...

Our Hectic Homefront
Our Hectic Homefront chronicles my journey as a Marine Corps spouse and stay at home Mom to Little Man, born in May 2006, surviving a year long deployment where my husband is training the Iraqi Army. ...

News articles from the web.
Military, politics, and commentaries from articles that makes me think.

A Tin Can Corpsman\'s Thought\'s and More
Thoughts, words, or whatever you want to call them from a Hospital Corpsman assigned to a US Navy Cruiser Operating in the FDNF.

Fifteen Months - An Amry Wife\'s Deployment Journal
Fifteen Months is an army wife\'s mil blog that focuses on her continuous search for the positives ducommunity a fifteen wartime deployment.

Stay at Home Mom & Military Wife
A day in the life of a Stay at home Mom and Military Wife, a little girl in school, a little boy in diapers, a husband who’s deployed. Parenting, Crafts for kids and cooking ideas.

Milcom Monitocommunity Post
Blog devoted to the monitocommunity of military communications and news of the military worldwide.

Gritty Kitty
Tales of a Naval Flight Officer in Iraq.

LT Nixon Rants
LT Nixon is some navy guy in Iraq and offers his insight on all things controversial.

The Navy Wife Life
Personal experiences and insight from a Navy wife in plain English intended to help new wives.

Double Tapper - Military, guns, defense, weapons, rights,