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Click Member link to see site in tvAssumption of Command - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
A deployed US Army Reserve Officer and his opinions. Blogging from the Cradle of Civilization. Getting more and more civilized everyday.

You Gotta Stand for Somethin\'
A "song blog" about terrorism, war, freedom, homicide bombings, religious manipulation, suppression of women, excesses of Western pop culture, moral bankruptcy of the entertainment industry, drug abuse, ...

Soldier, Soldier--A Tribute
Originally launched on Thanksgiving Day 2004 as an email chain, this \"song blog\" was written to thank our fallen heroes of armed conflict for the excrutiating sacrifices they make on our behalf.

My Side of the Puddle
Personal insights of a military family member.

The Foot Locker
God First, People Always

The Bow Ramp - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
A blog devoted to the small ships/craft of the US Navy and whatever else seems interesting at the time.

Big Al\'s Army Life - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
An online diary of the deployment of a National Guard nurse out of Mississippi, written by his fiancée.

Appalachian Patria
Informing of my life as a Professional Citizen Soldier and my Appalachian Roots

Ma Deuce Gunner - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Thoughts, Observations, Opinions and Stories of a young Army NCO in Iraq

reasoned audacity
Reasoned Audacity: Politics in Real Life, is a political blog covecommunity domestic social policy, including military readiness issues

Nothing to see here, move along
Reminisces about Afghanistan, and rants about the present-day.

The Stupid Shall Be Punished
Keeping the blogosphere posted on the goings on of the world of submarines since late last year... and mocking and belittling general foolishness wherever it may be found. Idaho's first and foremost submarine ...

Righting America (joined Ghost Battallion)
My review of current events, controversies and selected conspicuous acts of gratuitous liberalism, Bush-hating, political correctness, anti-patriotism and other extraneous Bovine Scatology (B.S.) plaguing ...

Winds of Change.NET
\"Liberty. Discovery. Humanity. Victory.\" We help our readers understand the foreign policy, military, intel, scientific & cultural trends changing our world.

5th CAG\'s Experiences in Iraq - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Thoughts from Civil Affairs Marines in Iraq

IRR Soldier - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
My site is an account of the experience of a soldier called back to duty to fight in Iraq after being out of the Army for almost 5 years

Reailty Strikes - (joined the Ghost Battallion)

Despatches is a personal weblog that chronicles both the life and times of the author, and also offers commentary on political, cultural, and other current events, sometimes with a halfway successful humorous ...

The Military Vote - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Just my blog. Random posts. Insight on the daily life of a soldier in Iraq.

The Jman 021's xanga site - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
weblogs through the eyes of night vision

Cubicle - Six - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
blogging on national security and the military from the comfort of my 20 square foot cubicle. Behind these plastic walls I have a different view of the world than all those combat soldiers.

Thoughts and opinions from a husband, realtor, and OIF veteran.

Various thoughts of a balding, middle aged, white male who is VERY concerned about the welfare of our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq (including his own son)!

Sgt Humphrie's World - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
A glimpse in the life of Sgt. Chancy Humphries

Phil and Becky - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Phil is an Army captain currently serving in Iraq, and Becky is his wife. We are here to comment on our parts of the world as we see them ... Phil from Iraq, Becky from the U.S.

ROFASix is written and produced by NOTR, a \"Cav\" guy who spent 25 years in Airborne & Mech Infantry, Aviation, and acquisition jobs. I wore a Blackhorse patch on my right shoulder. Currently NOTR is ...

An Army MI veteran and computer geek in North Carolina.

greenzonechaplain - (joined Ghost Battallion)
U.S. Army chaplain serving in Baghdad Iraq at the Presidential Palace in the International Zone

My Army Life...and other things

Six More Months - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
An attempt to maintain some communication with all the wonderful people who care.

Adjusting to life after serving in Iraq
Follow a soldier through his adjustment period after serving in Iraq. Find resources for veterans, photos from Iraq, rant and rave about the military, government, protestors, or whatever you wish to ...

Guidons, Guidons, Guidons!
High pitched whining sounds coming from the cockpit of an AH-64. The Horror!

PCS to LinkedInUSAF - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Flight Deck for all those that have served with and want to continue to help their fellow Airmen. MISSION: maintain a strong connection and provide assistance or guidance to those in need. CREW: ...

Ace in the Hole - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Ace in th Hole Life ducommunity the G.W.O.T

SkyMonkie - (joined Ghost Battallion)
My brother is on his second tour in Iraq, and I\'m joing the Air Force.

Four Knots to Nowhere - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Four Knots to Nowhere contains the recollections and current experiences of the life of an active duty Missile Technician, currently stationed on Shore Duty at the Naval Ordnance Test Unit, Cape Canaveral, ...

Doc Tex - (joined Ghost Battallion)
The ramblings of a Combat Medic in the U.S. Army assigned to an Engineer company.

Foreign Object Damage
Random thoughts on current events, with selected clippings from foreign press or web reports

Building a MilBlog list, with links to the URL's of the actual RSS/Atom feeds, so people can subscribe quickly.

Montana Thunder
Spiritual Journey of a Soldier in Iraq.

Adventures of a Detailed Recruiter
A site written by a detailed Army Reserve Recruiter. Inside knowledge of the front line in the battle to provide the strength for the future of the military

Pacific Memories - (joined Ghost Battallion)
The World War II memoir of Kenneth McLintock (1920-2000).

The Far Right Lane on the Information Superhighway

New wars
The transformation of armies, navies and airpower in the Digital Age. Also links to other blogs and breaking mil news.

My Life as a Soldiers Wife
What life is like for those left behind while the men they love go off to war.

General political opinions and commentary from a Navy Reserve Submarine Officer

SGT Lori
Unabashed Patriot in a fit of a midlife crisis joins the Army National Guard. Mom to two gorgeous, intellegent, wonderful children. Wife to the best man around. Chronicle of my National Guard experiences. ...

San Antonio Sea Stories
Ramblings of a sailor who is landlocked in San Antonio, TX.

Just My Opinion - (joined Ghost Battallion)
My blog posts are my opinion on current events and other things on my mind. I leave for AF BMT on October 4th|(even tho i\'ve been enlisted since 200411), so bout 28 days, So after graduation of BMT and ...

Bear Creek Ledger
Patriot, Conservative and Troop Supporter