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Click Member link to see site in tvOne Joe's Ramblings - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Just one Soldier\'s ramblings on what he thinks is right

The day to day, semi-normal life of a female Marine.

The Kommentariat - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
News analysis and comment from an unapologetic conservative capitalist in the UK, land of socialism and looney leftishness.

CWFour - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Updates from \"Your CW4\" provides commentary on life in Iraq as an Army pilot.

DSS Hubris - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
DSS Hubris is a foreign policy and defense issues blog, focusing on the War on Terror and the National Security Strategy of the United States.

365 and a Wakeup - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
A soldiers eye view of life in Baghdad.. good, bad and ugly.

The Online Magazine formerly known as Rob's Blog
A Florida Liberal in King Kamehameha\\\'s Court

Same Ole' Different Day - (joined Ghost Battallion)
This is a blog of my everyday life. I am deployed to Iraq, so most of it will be Army stuff. Any views or opinions posted are mine, and do not not reflect the views or opinions of any organization. ...

Seaspook's Rants
My thoughts on politics, military, the media, flying, Navy, the War-on-Terror and general topics.

A Soldiers' Angel's Personal Blog
Personal blog of me - Holly Aho - a Soldiers\' Angel. Personal experiences, letters from service men and women in Iraq, and general blog for my adopted heros to read and keep up to date on me between ...

The Old Guard - (joined Ghost Battallion)
The ongoing saga of a NJ Army National Guard Sgt. trying to get to Iraq

Musings From The Imperial Senate - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
{;}Mostly a weblog about being a husband and father with a few Guard and political entries.{;}

Magic in the Baghdad Cafe - (joined the Ghost Battallion)

Miscellaneous ramblings from a Texas Emergency Physician, formerly a USMC Battalion and Regimental Surgeon.{;}{;}

trying to grok
{;}one military wife, trying to make sense of the world we live in{;}

A Marine grunt goes to med school{;}{;}

Basic Training Blog - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
From January 27 to April 10, 2003, I attended Basic Combat Training for the US Army at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Ducommunity that time, I kept a journal of what we did each day. Here is an online copy ...

JB's Sanctuary
{;}Dealing with life, love and the War on Terrorism{;}


The Hunter's Herald

Pinwheels and Orange Peels
USAF Captain blogs about life, the military, autos, and technology.

Andrew Olmsted dot com (K.I.A.)
Politics, philosophy, baseball, movies, and whatever else enters my twisted mind.

Hardtack And Havoc - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
A private of the 1st Texas Volunteer Infantry Civil War Reenactor with a day job in Uncle Sugar\'s Navy deployed to Africa in support of Operation Enducommunity Freedom

My Longest Year
This is the journal of my year in waiting. My husband is training Iraqi soldiers, and I\'m biting my nails and looking for a million ways to keep my anxiety at bay. Join me.

Green to Gray to Gold (K.I.A.)
A most excellent site about my life as a cadet and new Armor officer. Every few days I update with a new story, journal entry, or group of pictures from my experiences in cadet-land and the Army. ...

Veteran's Help Network
Veterans helping people and people helping Veterans. A non profit organization dedicated to assisting people and doing research on Veterans Issues. Our goal is to be efficient at what we do.

Grim's Hall
On warfighting, politics, epics, and the heroic life, by a former member of the USMC.

Mind in the Qatar - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Thoughts from the desert....

Indefensible Rants - Unsolicited Opinions

The Spider's Stratagem
A collection of thoughts about truth, justice, and the american way.

Law From The Center - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
A legal blog for the rest of us! The author is a Captain in the US Army and a law student at UCLA. The views expressed here do not reflect those of the government.

Life as a Baghdad Babe... an American Soldier in Iraq - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Life as a soldier in Baghdad, Iraq is definitely interesting and full of life changing experiences, like... being shot at and blown up! Yee haw, what fun eh? Actually, it has its ups and downs, and ...

News and opinion about submarines, politics, religion, and world events with some emphasis on Asian political issues.

Where I Stand
This is where I stand on the issues

Yankee Sailor - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Musings and Ruminations of a Captive of the Sea - a U.S. Navy Surface Warrior Blogs.

The Analyst Blog - (joined Ghost Battallion)

Daddy's in the Sandbox - (joined Ghost Battallion)
A sporatic account of my husbands deployment to \"The Sandbox\" and how my life and our family is coping. Random thoughts, ideas, dreams.

Brain Shavings
Conservative commentary on the War on Terror, the military, politics, humor, bioethics, Christianity, and western culture. http://cga94.com/brainshavings/aboutme.htm

geek empire
the rantings of an iraqi war vet, who is also an uber-geek

SlagleRock's Slaughterhouse
A Hoosier from Maine by way of the Sandbox.

Live in iraq - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
We report events as it happens here in Iraq. It\'s News by the News maker themselves - U. S. Marines!

Brown Hound
Thoughts of an expat-Virginian, Coastie, conservative, Episcopalian and dog lover.

Major K. - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
a chronicle of my experiences while deployed as an Army officer ducommunity OIF III along with editiorial opinion on the news of the world

The Brain Housing Group - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
My role in Operation Iraqi Freedom I, my book on Operation Urgent Fury or anything else that I feel like sounding off about.

Who's Your Baghdaddy - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Welcome to my oasis on the web containing my random thoughts and reflections ducommunity my year of deployment in Iraq.

Julie Anna Infantry Wife
Married 2 the 11B

The Adventures of Chester
The Adventures of Chester covers war and foreign affairs. Chester is a Captain in the USMC Reserves and veteran of the Iraqi campaign, and hold a BA in international relations from Duke.

The Daily Blogster
Rocky Mountain Alliance,military,political,religious,links,news and commentary

Beef always wins - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Commentary (mainly political) from a Blackhawk driver in the US Army.

One Heckuva Roar! - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Frank discussion about politics, military affairs and media's role in society.