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Click Member link to see site in tvServing the People of Iraq
I currently serve in the United States military in Iraq. It is an honor to help the Iraqis build their dream of freedom and hope.

Jacobs Ladder
Discussion of military challenges and social/political trends that effect our freedom and security.

Florida Cracker
News and politics from the perspective of one Southern female veteran.

Lightning From The Sky
The personal observations and opinions of an ANGLICO team leader supporting a Military Transition Team in Al Anbar Province.

USS Neverdock
A blog dedicated to exposing media bias, especailly as regards to America and American service personnel and raising awareness of the threat of world terrorism.

Hamilton\'s Pamphlets
All the news I feel fit to print. Issues of concern for the Military (Navy in particular, military in general), Politics, local interest (Seattle, Puget Sound, PACNORWEST), and college football. All ...

Sic Vis Pacem, Para Bellum - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
My personal thoughts, hopes and observations ducommunity \"this war\" as I see it

Hooah Wife
The rantings of a witty military wife with 3 small children. Hubby recently returned from Iraq and we will soon be reticommunity from the miltary. You never know what to expect here!

Marine Corps Moms (joined Ghost Battallion)
We support our Marines, their families, and those who love them by linking sources of support and information, in collaboration with other public, private, and military groups, and individuals.

Soldiers Wife - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
A journal of what its like with my husband deployed to Iraq.

Air Force Voices
Unofficial commentary on leadership, military matters, and politics

Graham's Journal - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
The journal of a soldier and aspicommunity science fiction writer. I am currently deployed in Iraq.

Chinese Bandit Recon LRRP Team 1st Bn (ABN) 8th Cav
The Chinese Bandit Recon LRRP Team 1st Bn (ABN) 8th Cav 1965-66 was awarded two Presidential Unit Citations for extraordinary heroism for their participation in the Battles of the Ia Drang (Pleiku November ...

Celestial Junk
Blogging from Canada. Perspectives from a Canadian Forces son and his father.

Kosovodad: Proud to be a Soldier
Kosovodad is an active duty public affairs officer with 20 years of service in both the officer and enlisted ranks.

Political Thoughts and Comments With a Conservative Perspective

Steven Kiel - Army Reservist - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
A milblog of my experiences in Iraq.

Daily Life of a Marine Mom
Life and trials of the mother of a United States Marine that is currently serving in Iraq.

Veterans In Motion - V.I.M.
Our blog provides solutions for people transitioning out of the military. We provide coaching, teleclasses, career assessments, and mastermind groups. We are here for our men and women in uniform. Our ...

Alexander the Average
Kris Alexander, humble gov't employee living in Austin, TX. Officer in the US Army reserve and OIF/OEF veteran. I'll generally be smarting off about military and intelligence type stuff. I might throw ...

Jon Jivan in Iraq - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Bcommunitying to you a unique perspective on the war in Iraq. Oh, and I have pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Southern Air Pirate's Haze Gray Thoughts
All this is just a way to let me vent about my work, friends, hobbies, and world. I maybe right, I maybe wrong but these are my thoughts on the said events. I enjoy a number of things and that will all ...

Chris' Weekly Update
My personal blog, featuring my experience in the US Army Reserve, on tour in Iraq, my views and opinions on politics, as well as the rest of my life as a college student.

Making Tomorrows Military Today - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Recruiter in the trenches of today\'s anti-military world. Finding truth in the news and sniffing out the fallacies.

Writings of CJV - (joined Ghost Battallion)
I\'m the wife of an active duty Colonel in the U.S. Army and I\'ve written articles published in the Lansing State Journal, Lansing, Michigan. A majority of the articles have been defending the U.S. Military ...

Starboard!!! - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Opinions and essays in support of the brave men, women and policies that support liberty and freedom across the globe. Did I mention that I think Tim Robbins is an ass?

DPGI v.2

This Day in U.S. Military History
This Day in US Military History is an ongoing catalog of military related events be it, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard. Pitch in and let me know if something is wrong or missing or if ...

Just my random collection of things, and photos from my miitary service

The Cranky Insomniac - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Ramblings on politics, military affairs, religion, culture, sports and whatever else keeps me up at night.

Carpe Diem ~ The New Iraqi Army - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
On 6 June 2005 I was notified that I would be mobilized in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This journal will cover my thoughts from the alert, mobilizaiton, deployment, and return back home. My thought ...

Stacking Swivel - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
On the lighter side, a number of \"sea stories\" that are based on real people and actual events from my military career.

i'm just in it for the clothes and the food - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
I'm a born-and-raised Yankee, never lived (permanently) south of Worcester, Massachusetts. I'm 36, recently married for the first time, and have missed nine months of the first year of my marriage thanks ...

A Soldier's Thoughts
Just a US soldier in Tikrit Iraq and his thoughts on life, family, the stop loss, and other insights. He is an Arabic translator in the U.S. Army so you end up seeing things from an interesting aspe ...

My Vacation in Iraq - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Semi entertaining, OPSEC oriented, ramblings of my daily life ducommunity my deployment.

Going Down Range
A soldiers veiw of going down range (Afghanistan).

Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member
Random musings of a active duty sailor currently stationed at the Naval Postgraduate School

Guns & Glory - (joined Ghost Battallion)
A conservative blog ran by David, who is active duty Air Force, and Kyle, who is working towards his AA degree.

General Quarters
Related to all things Navy, including Marines, Royal Navy, history and general scuttlebutt. Hoo-rah!

Old Patriot's Pen
Personal pontifications of an old geezer born 200 years too late I\'ve had a quirky history: in and out of the military, but in enough to retire with 26 years; worked with computers for most of my ...

Stop on by to read an Army wife\'s daily homefront happenings.

Three Block War
A Civil Affairs Marine Perspective, Rants, and Raves about Politics, warfare and life in general.

Bill's Bites
Pro-American, Pro-G.I., anti-jihadi site run by a Viet Nam Veteran. -- Replaces Small Town Veteran, which replaced In Bill's World. An Old War Dogs satellite site.

Caliber 50 - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
I am a former Marine Corps officer (motivated tanker), now working at our wonderful family business. BSE from Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. Right-wing Republican crank.

A Redleg's Perspective - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
my perspective on life and my military

Ish\'s Cyber Wolf Den
The rants/opinions of an active duty USAF Computer NCO, first time father, husband, avid science fiction reader, and Information Assurance Graduate student with the attention span of a Kinder.

Dude Where's the Beach
Random thoughts from an Air Force Officer

News and views from a cultural conservative.

Chaotic Synaptic Activity
Musing of a retired Navy officer, with a career in Surface Warfare. Commentary on life lessons of the military, and the political situations this fits into.

Mr Minority - Speaks His Mind!!
Conservative College Educated Christian Middle Aged Middle Income White Guy Who Owns Guns and a SUV - Who is an Engineer! A Voice for the Most Hated Group in America