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My blog is a combination knitting, spinning, reading, writing, homeschooling blog. My home state is Ohio, and I originally hail from Kansas. I enjoy posting pictures of wip, book descriptions, and stories ...

Knitstant Gratification
The knitting life of a funky, city-loving graduate student.

Unwinding with sticks, stcommunitys and spinning things.

Gnome Home
A knitting blog with some parenting and food thrown in for good measure. And who knows what else will happen!

Creative potpourri
Me knitting and crafting whatever strikes my fancy that month, week, day, hour, minute, ect...

The ramblings of Aim, mostly knitting, and cooking and gardening in the western Great Lakes area....

Nana and the Cats
thought about my life and knitting

I hand and machine knit in Illinois. I also quilt and enjoy a variety of crafts and activities.

Episode 1: In which she knits and plays harmonica
A new ma blogs about knitting, surviving the first year of parenthood, and other good stuff.

This is a site centered around knitting, posting pictures of knitting projects, and generally anything to do with my life interspersed with my knitting.

Jen's knitting addiction
blog about my knitting

Weedwacker Knits
Grab a cup of coffee and join Weedwacker for knitting, spinning, and gardening adventures.

the chemgrrl chronicles
yarn and sticks, flowers and dirt, and some inorganic synthesis thrown in for good measure

Nat Red Knits
A place where I brag about my completed and sometimes uncompleted projects and a little bit about life.

Knitting in Chicago
I taught myself to knit in Nov. of 2006 and haven't stopped.

Little Susie Home Wrecker
A blog about me having hobbies and doing them badly.

fresh noodle
fresh a.k.a. new. exciting. different. cutting edge. unseen before. noodle a.k.a. one thin continuous piece of fiber. yarn.

Kalamazoo Mommy Knits
A knitting blog by a SAHM mom in Kalamazoo, MI who is raising a family by day and knitting to save her sanity at night. Follow my parenting and knitting successes and failures (both pretty spectacular) ...

Finish Your Row
Mom of 3 here in Wisconsin. This blog is named for my oldest daughter's first sentence, "Finish your Row, Mommy". She's 8. I'm still finishing.

Crescent Knits
Its just my blog where I ramble on about knitting and all the goings on here in Michigan.

Sous le soleil . . .

Into the Mind of the Frod
I'm a 30-something single mom addicted to knitting. I've lived in eastern Iowa most of my life. I've got more projects going than I know what to do with, but isn't going to stop me from casting on another ...

Images and discussions of current knitting and crochet projects, yarn obsessions, books and music, and my musings on my new life in the midwest

Knitting with my shoes off
in which I document my journey through the fiber arts

Knit This Bitch
the (mostly) knitting blog of a young college kid who has an eye for fiber and animals.

Kitty Knits!
Just the adventures of a random knitting Kitty...or is that kitting knitty?

A place to talk about spinning and knitting, where my husband and kids don\'t have to pretend they care!

Tomorrow May Rain
Like to knit and read other knitting blogs

Knitting Insomniac
On going ramblings of knitting and other life persuits

My Passion
Hello, this blog will have just about have every topic. The topic's I love the most are knitting, food, and products to make my life easier! Plus I love a great deal and would love to share them with you ...

Experimental Obessions
My blog featucommunity my obsession with my current fave hobby.

Cook. Knit. Paint.
This blog is about my hobbies -- cookies, knitting, and painting. I will write about ongoing projects and goals in this blog.

Knitting For 3
Stay at home mom of 3 teaching herself how to knit.

Stripes - Hand Dyed Yarn & Custom Knits by ThePaintedTiger
Stripes chronicles the fiber and business adventures of ThePaintedTiger. Discussions of dyeing, spinning, knitting, and even SEO are to be found, as well as the occasional wildlife picture. ThePaintedTiger ...

Clicking Sticks
Knitting Chronicles from another Minnesota knitter.

Project Crazy
A 20 something married girl, who loves to knit, crochet, sew, and find great deals!

Close Your Eyes and Hang On Tight
I'm a 40-something mom of three teenagers, married to their dad for 23 years. My journey of faith has been disconcerting at times, but in the end, I close my eyes and hold on tight. My primary interests ...

knitting and such

Suzie knits!
my blog where I talk about knitting, crafts in general, parenting, and my love of fiber.

Knitting For My Sanity
About a college student who knits, reads, and tries to maintain a social life.

I knit,spin,weave and blog about it!

Ramblings of a Knitter
The ramblings of a mom, teacher, quilter, and knitter (not always in that order).

My Heart Knits....The Blog
A fiber artist's journal of my knitting, spinning, crochet and dyeing projects, triumphs, and trials. Also a great place to stay caught up in the development of my dye studio and snag yourself some awesome ...

Knitting is My Free Therapy
My knitting blog.

Jennifer's Junk
The knitting blog of a photography/metal smithing student.

Machine knitting musings and patterns both for free and for sale. I have three machines: a bulky, midgauge and a standard (all Brother machines). I hand knit too, but am especially fond of machine knitting. ...

Knit Pickins
The diary of a newbie knitter. Read about my projects as I embark on a new hobby.

Color & Texture
My two dogs supervise me as I knit, spin, dye, weave, crochet and putter through life.

The Life of Me & Mine... and now to knit.
It's about my life and my knitting, mostly knitting.

A little knitting, some felted wool, some quilting and a few ideas.