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Rachel is a freelance writer from St. Louis, MO. She used to have all kinds of cool ideas about what she was going to do after she left school, but now that she graduated all she does is knit and moan ...


The knitting Idiot
My adventures in knitting, sewing, anf other crafty things

The Continuing Drama
Rants about knitting, parrots, and whatever strikes my fancy.

Amanda's Knitting Journal
A place were I talk about knitting and all my projects going on.

Knitasha von Stashenskeins
Pediatrician from Ohio with lifelong yarn addiction shows works in progress and talks about knitting.

knit n tat
homeschool, knitting, scrappin, cards, reading etc.

A Series Of Unfortunate Digressions
knitting, other fiber arts, miscellaneous blather on life in general

Hookee's Happening's
A place where I can share with friends and family what I am up to.

Beach Bum Knits!

Pam Zanco
Sometimes knitty ,sometimes snarky, but always with an attitude.

Who Gives A Knit?
Knitting and such

Midwest Knit Girl

The Beagle's Knitting Blog
Overeducated and underfinanced non-sock knitter in Wisconsin seeks deeply- discounted Noro Kureyon and other fine yarns.

Senja Knits
Blog about my life and knitting projects.

Ana's Adventures and Misadventures
Knitting adventures and misdaventures.

Of Yarn and Libraries
A knitter's journey to graduate school

Uncle Leona's Day Camp
The varied antics of a knitting-obsessed pediatrician in Northeast Ohio.

The Fearless Knitter
This Kansas resident is passionate about knitting, quilting, bobbinlace, and writing. She blogs about her successes and failures in all endeavors.

Not Only A Mom
A mom, a knitter, a crocheter, a seamstress and a woman trying to stay sane.

Priscilla's Knitting Blog
My ranting is about my knitting and crafts, my cats and horses. Free knitting patterns and knitting/crafting site website awards.

The Knest
This Blog is about my experience in knitting (and soon weaving and spinning) while attending Art School in Chicago

My site is packed with hundreds of links to free patterns, knitting tips and techniques and of course some of my own freebie patterns and my blog. Grab a cup of coffee and come visit!

GentleSunset.com - An UnusuallyHeather Knitting Addiction
My knit and yarn addiction and the ongoing epic of my baby nephew's crazy life (the good, bad, and scary). Said nephew my favorite person to knit for. Want a baby sock pattern? Look no further :)

Journal of a knitting addict and ADD crafter

Crafty Angels
The Crafty Angels site exists to encourage women to knit and crochet for charity.

Undercounted Sassy
Single girl living the life of knitting in beautiful St. Louis

My Crazy Life in Small Town Kansas
The ramblings of a 40+ year old mother of three boys from the outskirts of Wichita, Kansas. Knitting,critters, art and general chaos abounds!

Suzy's Knitting Notes
A place to write about my knitting and life in general.

Ephemeral Chaos
I try really hard to concentrate on knitting, but life intervenes on occasion.

whirled yarn
My life with fiber, kids, and sheep!

Knitting through Life
Current knitting projects

Knitknurse's Blog
The spinning & knitting tales of an Emergency Nurse from Indiana (an ongoing log of my spinning and knitting projects) and other miscellaneous ramblings.

Tightly Wound
Left-Brained Thoughts on the Creative Life

A very creative title
I'm a twenty-something born and bred St. Louisan. This blog contains mostly knitting-related content.

Merry Gentlemen
Yarn induced mishegas of a 30-something Chicagoan.

I Like Yarn
A blog of my knitting and life in general.

knit wits

Tempting Yarns
Adventures of a new, self-starting knitter. Tips you'll be tempted to try. Professed math geek (yes, I calculate the approximate number of stitches in a piece to estimate the time it will take to complete ...

Adventures of A Stcommunity-Slinger
The adventures of a Minnesota knitter who loves to knit, design, and play with yarn!

Pick Up Sticks
Life, knitting, and my adventures in each...


Live to Ride - Love to Knit

Accio Yarn!
Stream of knitting blog - baseball, books, knitting!

Knitting Is In My Genes
Knitting. Genealogy. Grandkids.

Yellow House Treasures
A woman in a yellow house with her beloved husband, two dogs, a cat and her crafts... including KNITTING.

Twenty acres and NO sheep
Knitting, spinning and weaving in the Southeastern Minnesota countryside

Shamrock Knits
A machine and hand knit knitter who has comical problems with gauge.

Not Normal Crafter
The tale of a crafter who has lived all over Illinois. I have lived in Chicago, Champaign and Carbondale.

I try to post my knitted/felted creations on my site so my friends and family can see them. Sometimes I will post other things so my friends and family know why I don't have as many knitted/felted creations ...