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a low tech a look at knitting, yoga, and books

I knit, I write, I write about knitting.

I am a compulsive crafter with ADD, I like to play with everything. Jack-of-many and Master of none … I can’t choose—I would rather try them all!

Amanda Knits...and Designs
A born and raised Minnesotan knits, designs, and scouts out yarn while living in Seoul, South Korea.

Knots In A Row
The journey of one woman into the world of knitting.

Jeremy's Knit-a-bit
My adventures in knitting and life in general.

I am a knitter of no distinction who wanted a knitting blog anyway. Awful knitters unite!

My Merino Mantra
Knitting blog, with snippets of herbal and culinary wisdom (hah!) and a plethora of cat pictures

Purlewe Knits
Knitting and spinning on the outskirts.

Comfort Sphere
Where I yammer about my knitting endeavors, as well as some other domestic-type subjects like baking and sewing. But mostly it's the knitting, the yarn lust, the fiber love.

Shepherd Chik's Musings
The life and times of an obbsessive knitter, spinner, shepherd

a quiet guy's journaling of adventures in various forms of stitchwork (knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch, embroidery) and gardening.

Sisyphus Knits
When the gods wanted to punish Sisyphus, they assigned him a task that could never be completed. I am Sisyphus, and I knit.

Natalie Knits
My adventures with knitting and life!

i am a knitter for a hobby i am a flight attendant

Words, Wits n' Wool
30-something professional, knitter, reader, laugher, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.

Otismurph Knits
A lonely knitter tries to find someone to talk to who knows what "ssk" means.

Knitty Banter
An entertaining monologue (I hope) about my journey through the TKGA Master Hand Knitter Program and my experiments with knitting and other fiber arts. Warning: may also contain intermittent stories about ...

Knittin' Kninja
Just another knitting blog!

nuttinbutknittin, says it all. I display my knitting projects, primarily socks at this point in time. Also my pup, Sofee is mentioned from time to time.

Madison, WI knitter

Yet Another Knitting Blog
I'm a Southerner who has been uprooted to Michigan for law school who copes through knitting.

Katzundyarner Bits
Blog about knitting projects, cats, and family.

Stitches May Vary
Knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, needlepoint...

Mostly knitting, but sometimes life sneaks in.

The Pet Yarn
...ramblings of an antisocial knitter.

Needle Me This
excited Chicago nube making her way in the world of yarn

journal of an obsessed fiber junkie

Hair O'the Lamb
A crafty girl learns to spin

Weathertop Farm
Adventures in knitting, livestock raising, and homeschooling

Dreams in Fiber

JoLene Treace Unraveled

DIY Style
A (mostly) knitting blog by a displaced Chicagoan studying music at BGSU in Ohio.

Yarn Over
So much to knit, so little time . . .

Lizzie G.
Just another knitting blog!

Teylas Life
The crazy knitting life of Teyla

Briney Deep Designs

Knit with Snot for You
Knit with Snot for You is a place where knitting and snot go hand in hand in the attempt to raise three boys in Michigan. Basically fun and adventure, with knitting, and the three snotty kids.

night owl knits
my knitting blog

Sue Who Knits
My blog is about my newly renewed love of knitting. I post entries and photos about the projects I'm working on. I talk about the Windy City Knitting Guild, which I'm joining and the Dulaan Project.

A software engineer by profession, knitter and dog trainer by passion, living on 40 beautiful acres in Southern MN.

A Stcommunity of Purls
My diary of life and knitting.

From the Back Yard
About my knitting and other life stuff. I'm a returning knitter after years of abstinence. My obsession is now knitting socks!


Knitting Paragon
Knitting and family life.

Debbie Does Duluth
Life from the cubicle, the bus, the cubicle, the bus, and occasionally the yarn store!

making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident

My Heart Knits
my little portion of the knitting internet that tells about my projects, my growth as a knitter and spinner and my life in little spurts.

Knitting Like Crazy

Jans Knits
This is my blog for keeping track of my goal for 2007. It's my mission to get at least 12 scarfs (hopefully more) knitted in 2007 for The Red Scarf Project.