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The knitting and spinning adventures of a small town girl transplanted to the Big city.

Phunky Knitter
A baby knitter living in the windy city on the journey of learning to knit. I've fallen into a basket of yarn and I can't get up!!! I am in Heaven! Obsessed and blessed!

Pickin' and Throwin'
Two friends who love to knit and blog!

Kris Knits

Quickly Unraveling
blog tracking my various knitting projects.

Knitty Politti
Nursing student in NW Minneapolis 'burbs. So much yarn, so little time...

Stuck in Illinois

idle hands
here, I: keep perspective on unfinished objects and uncertainty, talk about knitting and craft stuff, and in general refuse to take things too seriously.

Woolly Mutts
Reflections on the furry life of a midwestern midlife fiber addict.

Stitching for Sanity
Knitting and other crafty stuff from Missouri.

Slightly Obsessed
The muttecommunitys of a former tech nerd turned SAHM who has taken all former obsessive work habits and applied them to the domestic realm. There will be lots about small children, knitting and gardening. ...

Mommy Mosh Pit
musing, music, knitting, gardening, contemplating and blogging of a mommy in the pit!

She Seeketh Wool
A knitting blog devoted primarily to my socknitting experiences.

a blog about knitting, knitting and knitting. And a little bit of felting, dyeing and life in general.

Life in Cleveland
blog about my life as a knitting architect in Cleveland

Life with a dog, cat, pigeons, hubby, and three year old leave little time for knitting, but this is how I make it work.

The Happy College Knitter
I'm a 20 year old college junior with a passion for everything knitted. Recently I've been told by close friends that I might have a knitting complex. I consider this a sincere compliment.

a warped knitter
a blog about knitting and other fiber interests in northern indiana

Thoughts on knitting, life, and being (kind of) bossy in Ohio.

KnittinBrit in WI
Daily ramblings from a british/american fiber addict. What's usually discussed? knitting, knitting, some family, knitting, knitting, misc. and yes, you got it, more knitting.

Stasia's Place Of Grace
Stasia is a knitter, spinner, weaver, writer, reader, and musician from Wisconsin, USA. Join her as she journals about beauty in nature, the joys of fibery pursuits, special people and pets, and great ...

JAG Knits
Home of JAG BAG Felted bags & knits. Fetled bags, unusual scarves, TONS of links, favorites, knitting for charity monthly site, free patterns, and MORE.

but anyways...
A Wisconsin knitter and professional dilettante braves the distractions of other interesting objects and activities to focus on her Art.

Alimum Knits
Random thoughts on knitting and yarn. Photos and original patterns.

All Buttoned Up
I'm a college student at a big ten school. I knit at any avaialble chance (sometimes when I should be studying or doing other homework).

Knitting in the Shadows
Ramblings about knitting and life and books and other things in the Midwest

Knit it in Black, Please
Knit it in black! What other color goes with everything?

That One Blonde Girl
That one blonde girls musings on all of her crafty endeavors - knitting, scrapbooking and jewelry making. Sometimes, she even writes about whatever pops into her head.

Kara Knits and Frogs
Knitter living in Greenwood, Indiana.

little knitter on the prairie
I'm a photographer by day and knitter by night. My blog revolves around the day-to -day events in my roles of wife, mother of three, business owner, working mom, photographer, knitter, cake decorator ...

The Woman Who Says "Knit"
Adventures of a thirty-something SAHM who is knitting her way to yarn/needle expertise!

Mandys Knits
A small blog about knitting and life in general

Annie Knits
I have a little blog where I go on about fiber acquisition, knitting (mostly socks and lace lately, but I can knit other things)I sprinkle in a bit of political rhetoric when I can't help myself.

Flippy the Wonder Squirrel
I'm new to the blogging world, and have been knitting for the last two years. I enjoy to make knitting things that are both fun and wearable.

Ruby's Yarn
Chronicle of my life as a knitter in Ohio

Knitting Minnesota
Join me as I write about the adventures of Knitting in Minnesota.

mlj1954 -- for knitters and others
This is just compiliation of my thoughts, notes, and such . . . some having to do with knitting . . . and some that just have to do with my life!

Missy's Knitting Mess
Some of my knitting projects

Madaline Jane
Life, knitting, crocheting, quilting and apparel sewing. A little bit of everything.

A joint knitting blog by two sisters, one in Texas and one in Ohio.

Rachel's Ramblings

Molly Bees Attic
Tales from Molly Bee's attic and knitting basket.

Ozark Knitting
A knitting blog; I live in Southeast Missouri, in the Ozarks.

A blog dedicated to my growth as a knitter with some occasional commentary about the world in general. I like to blog about the new things I'm knitting or learning about in relation to fiber arts

Adventures of the Kelly-Green Rogue
Fightin' crime with two sticks and a bit of stcommunity

Swim Mom Knits
Blog about knitting, being a mom and life.

A Happy Fuzzy Blog
The meaning of life is to seek happiness. Practice compassion toward all living things. Find peace. Knit more.

Sweater Weather
Adventures in knitting and crochet in my semi-rural outpost.

the arts and crafts of a Chicago woman

Lazy Knitting for the Masses
Knitting and spinning in Minnesota with my family and Zelda the Wonder Hundel.