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Knitting and spinning, and knitting oh, my! That's all I do, day in and day out! I will knit and spin (and other needle work) until I can't see straight to do it anymore:)

Through the Back Loop
A midwestern gal who knits and drinks from a bubbler.


k1*yo, k2tog*
About me, myself, and I and the hobbies I have, including, but not limited to knitting. Oh, yeah, and my family too.

A knitter from Iowa who seems to be obsessed.


Cats and Yarn
A knitting blog with occasional acerbic observations about other things.

knit, daisy, knit
This is just a basic little knit blog. I am a beginner, kinda a long term beginner in that I have known how to knit for a few years.

aliassak... a work in progress
primarily a knit and crochet blog, but life interupts as well...

Knitting for fun and frolic (in Michigan)

About my Knitting.

My knitting, spinning and beadwork blog. I live in Saint Paul, MN.

Knitting Nurse
A little blog about my adventures in knitting, nursing and living over all!

Time to Knit

A knitter, spinner and dyer from downstate Illinois.

Exercise Before Knitting

Great Towecommunity Textiles
Knitting, sewing, costuming...what's an apartment dweller to do but store vertically?

Just a Knit Wit
One working gal's sordid love affair with yarn, sticks and as many hats and other oddities that I can make.

Fiber arts blog by a grad student at Indiana University. Knitting, sewing, spinning, weaving, etc. take place in between studying, working, and keeping house :)

Knit Tidbits
A rambling blog about my knitting and other crafty pursuits in Iowa City, Iowa.

Blu's Knitting and Needlework
Basically a knitting blog now with yarn dyeing, lace and sock knitting, but with examples of cross stitch projects, crochet, and soon quilting. Contains many pictures of works in progress (WIP), finished ...

Shoes and Yarn
A place to talk about my love of knitting, shoes, my new found interest in spinning and life in general

Impatient Knitter
I'm a knitter that gets a little impatient to finish a project. Has more knitting projects on the needle than she knows what to do with. Loves to felt! Loves finding great patterns. Missouri gal here. ...


Just knitting On
A record of my my knitting projects and events in my life.

21st Century Hostess
My adventures in knitting, sewing, and cooking, mostly.

Knits and Giggles
Knitting, It's what I do.

Knit Won Purl, too
Random neural ficommunitys on knitting, pets, spinning, miscellany

Weedwacker Knits
This site is for those who love to knit, spin,weave, and garden. The combination is magical. So get a cup of coffee and join me in the garden...and don\\\'t forget your knitting!

Melanie's Knittings

40-something Christian mom-of-assorted-teens; ex-Seattlite transplanted somewhere in Wisconsin... currently obsessed with knitting; lover of all things puggy, kayaky, garden-y, funny, lovely, witty, and ...

Get Your Hook On
blather about my adventures in knit, crochet, and newlywed life. pirates welcome.

Purl One, Drop Two

Crafty Meandecommunitys of a Wandecommunity Mind
An attempt to chronicle my adventures in all things crafty....

Cottage46 Knitter
One more blog where an obsessive knitter can keep track of her UFOs.

knit, mama! KNIT!
knitting until numbness sets in

The musings of a persnickety knitter.

Stitchy Fingers
Where Twinsanity entertains herself with sticks and stcommunitys and other things.

handknitter . . . a blog
An always wordy and sometimes interesting tour through my knitting life.

Stumbling Over Chaos

The Open Stitch
Where I ramble on about my obsession with knitting and all things related to yarn.

Ramblings of a wool addict

Create to keep 3 friends from MN in touch as one decides to foolishly move away.

Pens and Needles
Blog of writer and knitter Kristin Dreyer Kramer. Also features free patterns and links to knitting book reviews.

(Caffeinated) Knitting keeps me (chemically) balanced.

Red Dog Knits
A mediocre knitter and her red dog model

Snaggle Tooth

Knotts Knitts
Personal knitting blog

Black Sheep Knits
A prolific knitter and lover of all things wooly. A stream-of-conciousness blog from a not-so-run-of-the-mill knitter of color.

Naptime Musings
Musings from a knitting mommy in Kansas City.