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Midwestern Melodies is a community devoted to diaries and blogs maintained by a person that grew up or live in the Midwest - Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. MM was loosely named after Manhattan Melodies, the musical featured on The Muppets Take Manhattan, a movie that the creator of the community enjoys.{;}{;}{;}

Surf Minnesota
Come surf Minnesota & learn all about the great North Star State.

I'm a Chicago-born college freshman who gets repeatedly beaten by the American educational system, but still has managed to turn out ok. Enjoy the journal. Journey. Whatever.

Step Into the Nexus
Stimulating the MIND, BODY & SOUL

Dozer Online
The ongoing story of an aspicommunity writer who grew up in Cleveland and now lives in Washington DC.

University Blog
The blog of a college student in Illinois. Covers current affairs and issues, regarding politics, war, and other topics from a traditional conservative perspective.

I'm Learning
I'm Learning is a blog of a stay at home mom in Nebraska with 2 kids.

the journal of a starving artist
a day in the life of an out-of-work actor...wait, i HAVE a crappy part time job...but you get the drift.

It's All Joy
An inspirational blog that promotes "joy" as an antidote for life's hurdles...large or small!

Daysleeping it all away... Bryan Anthony's Personal Weblog
This website is all about me. I am more-or-less just like you, but funnier. Make sure to leave a comment, sign my guestbook and vote!

A dissarray of assembled chattecommunitys on an inconsistant basis with the intent of confusion on the lower lifeforms known only to the subconsious of the mentally distraught

CountryMouse's Diary
My ramblings about my site, my daily life, teddy bears and other stuffed animals, my poetry, photography, and more! Also there is a link to my LiveJournal.

Rebel's Rants
Daily meme's, thoughts, ideas, rants, rambles, my dreams, and whatever else I can think of to put in here!!

Feel the fuzz.

Celtic Cross
An Iowa girl\'s fascination with the big, bad, beautiful world

Standing at the Edge of the Earth
Just a single mom trying to stay sane when life gets a little crazy.

Shaken, Not Stirred
Three parts Knitting. One part daily life stories. Mixed, with some fun, and wacky moments. Darnish with Judaism.

Uncle Leona's Day Camp
A native Clevelander's ramblings about crafts, golf, local sports, and whatever else happens to float her boat.

JB Knits
A site about JB - my knits, my life

Black Hills-Beauty & Technology
Two of my favorite things...technology and photography. Get free files, tech tips and overall help.

Indiana Vacations
A blog dedicated to uncovecommunity Indiana's travel destinations and top tourist attractions to visit.