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A community for fans of JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Communitys book and now film by Peter Jackson, for fans who also blog.

Eilonwy's Blog

Fire Whisky

A couple blog. :)

Cellophane Flowers
The personal blog for a LotR obsessed webmum.

+ ShirleySiaton.blogspot.com +
The blog of Shirley, an author, IT specialist and martial artist from the Philippines.

Random Blogs by a Markyfied Took

Whimsical Chaos
I am an artist, rubber stamping married woman trying to make it in PA and the art world

My blog/collective

ROBIN: That's Me!
This is basically just my online journal. I keep my notebook with me throughout the day, and then come here and type it all up for you wonderful people to see! :-D

A Simple Shade
A personal Blog, of an mad italian girl

Diary of a Tolkien Fiend
Journal of the webmaster of Lugburz.com, who calls himself the Mouth of Sauron. Content related to much more than just Tolkien's works and the Peter Jackson films, although they are my favourite subjects ...