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The TFL-approved fanlisting for the characters from The Lord of the Communitys.

Haldir's Realm
Haldir's Realm is a SLASH site for Haldir and his Lothlorien elves. {;}The site contains {;}the SLASH Lorien fanfic archive Library of Lorien,{;}the SLASH Elven fanfic archive The Wicked Elf, {;}the ...

The Wicked Elf
A SLASH fanfiction archive for Legolas and other elves. Haldir and his Lothlorien elves have their own sister site Haldir's Realm, which is linked from this page.{;}Fiction is NC-17 rated

Wicked Games
An italian slash site, the first and only for now, devoted to Legolas and Aragorn :) many sections: fanfics, gallery, multimedia, cool stuff... and much more!!!

The Woods of Haldir
A Taiwanese Haldir fansite.

Beyond the Black Gate
A behind the scenes look at the movie trilogy with many photos, Tolkien's poetry, information, trivia and more.

Earwen's realm
A site dedicated to Tolkien.

Anything that has to do with Middle Earth. I am obsessed

Elven Country
A site dedicated to Tolkens Elves, both from the movie and the book. As well as a Fan Fic archive.

Living Like Heroes
Living Like Heroes is Dedicated to the Members of the Fellowship of the Community...the Men we adore so. We Update often, we have Huge Galleries, Body Guards, Awards, Fav Scene Plaques and more! We intend ...

Humorous altered images from The Lord of the Communitys movies. Photos from Comic Con 2002.

Deep Blue
A fanlisting for Boromir in all his wonderfulness!

Silver Leaves
My home site dedicated to the Characters and actors/actresses of Lord of the Communitys Trilogy.{;}Always adding and updating. Stop in for a visit and enjoy a stroll through the forest of Silver Leaves....;) ...

The Realm of Belaraniel
An informative site with plenty of pictures, biographies, quizzes, etc.

Lady Peredhel's Realm
An archive of Tolkien-based fanfiction, mostly about elves.

Elf Junkie
A compilation of LotR adoptables, blinkies, quiz results, and more

The Lord of the Pants Page
A Lord of the Communitys humor site where words in Lord of the Communitys lines are replaced with the word "pants."

Enchanting Nightingale
An elven site featucommunity the ladies of Middle Earth. Named after Luthien Tinuviel, my favorite elf!

Lord of the Communitys: Elven Screencaps
Little screencap page dedicated to my favorite elves - Celeborn, Elrond and Haldir.

Rule Them All
Literally thousands of images, original humour content, character biographies and much more.

An archive of Zimraphel's own quality Tolkien fan fiction, including stories about Numenor and First Age Gondolin.

Lord of the Communitys - an alternate view
A LOTR iste with a difference, education on environmental issues, politics, basic respect, as well as Aragorn and Legolas information

...Mightier Than the Sword: Lord of the Communitys Fan Fiction
A fanfic archive featucommunity Lord of the Communitys, Mutant X, CSI, and more...

The One... Fan Art
This site is a sorf of archive where I put all my fan arts about everything I like: The Lord of the Communitys, Disney, Monkey Island, Xena WP, my original characters and other. Come to take a look and ...

Aeowyn's Middle earth
A Lord of the Communitys Fansite.

unsung hero
A fanlisting for Andy Serkis (Gollum)

Elven Women of Power
A 'Galadriel and Arwen' site, with lots of infos from the movies and books.

Eowyn's Musings
Eowyn's Musings features the writings of me, Eowyn. I'm writing both Lord of the Communitys and Harry Potter fanfic ... though currently I'm rather into my Haldir / Éowyn story. Eowyn's Musings also offers ...

Blue Eyes
An Elijah Wood Fansite.

Hobbitses and Elfies
a site for hobbits and elves of Lord of the Communitys and a good dose of humor as well

Mystic July
an all around LOTR site with lots of pictures, wallpaper, elvish words and sayings, release dates, interviews, cast and character info. all a fansite for other things.

Forests Of Mirkwood
A LotR fan site which is not all about Legolas. Has humor, claiming, graphics, and much more!

As site about the actor David Wenham best known as Faramir from the movie 'The Lord of the Communitys'

Middle Earth
The Official Fanfiction Fanlisting for Frodo Baggins! Here you'll find Fan Works, Images,Tests ...Join us ;D

WolfSong's LotR Fanpage
A fanpage dedicated to the Lord of the Communitys movies -- with pictures, fun (and/or funny) facts about the actors, production, etc., quizzes, and more!!!

Legolas' Palace
Here you will see what awaits you at Legolas' Palace, a private group for continuing rp, where mature women can obtain their own Prince Legolas. Accept no substitutes! This is the first and original "Palace" ...

Éomer Slash Archive
List of fanfiction devoted to the character of Éomer from JRR Tolkiens' The Lord of the Communitys, and the actor who portrays him (Karl Urban) in the film directed by Peter Jackson. Various pictures and ...

The Virtual Shire
Its a site about hobbits and their looks, habbits, friends, etc.

The Golden Wood
Lord of the Communitys wallpapers and winamp skins. Also offers banners and desktop icons.

A general LotR site.

I' Ranohtar
A fanlisting for Beren son of Barahir.

A fanlisting dedicated to 'Aragorn and Arwen'.

Elrond Stardome
A site with lots of info about the character Elrond, his family, household and friends. Divided into book and movie verse. Extras like avatars, screencaps, blends and more.

The Harp and Hobbit
Site features photo galleries from most Lord of the Communitys filming locations in New Zealand, also reviews, fan art, diaries, essays and a collection of links

The Elfstone
A general LotR fansite with information on the books and movies, graphics, unique humor and a lot of interactive stuff for visitors.

The White Lady of Rohan
Welcome to my tribute to John Renauld Reuel Tolkien and to his gorgerous books, especially to Lord of the Communitys. You can find here over 100 banners, enter signs, layouts, information, blends, avatars, ...

Fair of Face
A fansite dedicated to the Elven member of the Fellowship, Legolas Greenleaf. Includes a comprehensive biography, images, wallpapers, various media, facts, fun, and other information.

A Site dedicated to Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck and J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Communitys. Movie Galleries with over 3000 images, Merry Info, Movie Info, Fanlisting, Forum, Wallpapers, E-cards, Downloads, ...

Elanessea's Haven
This is a site dedicated to the Lord of the Communitys in general. It has everything from the manuscripts of the extended versions of the movies to quizzes and over 80 pictures from The Return of the King ...

All about Tolkien's forsaken and little-known Elf, Haldir of Lorien, and to the actor of Haldir in the Lord of the Communitys films, Craig Parker. It features an ever-growing costume study of Haldir's ...