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Rabid Muskrat's Motivation Page - Send me the stories that your kids are tired of heacommunity!

Nanci's Homepage
Personal home page about my family. We are an Air Force family currently stationed in Elmendorf AFB Alaska

Welcome to my web page.

My Military Awards
An awards page for military awards.

1st Lt. Everett A. McPherson, USMC, POW/MIA
This page is dedicated to 1st Lt. Everett A. McPherson, USMC, POW/MIA LOSS:18 MARCH 1966

1st Lt Brent Davis, USMC, POW/MIA
This page is dedicated to 1st Lt. Brent Davis, USMC, POW/MIA. Loss:18 MARCH 1966, Recovered:02 DEC1993. ID: 02 DEC 1997

My POW/MIA Index
This site is my index page to all of my and my sisters adpoted POW/MIA, with other links.

A Tribute to the USS Cole
This site is dedicated to the men an women of the USS Cole

William J. Bell GMM1 (SW) USN RET. 20 Years of keeping America Free
My site is dedicated to all whom served honorably in the Unitied States Armed Forces and My Loving Family

Great Uncle Bill's Air Force days
I'm a retired USAF MSgt with a huge homepage site. Several pages are devoted to the military. I have hundreds of pictures on scores of html pages and well over 1000 links. Come in and sit a spell, but ...

Spouses of Retired Military
Finally! a web site for "spouses" of retired military personell! Pages of useful web links, AND our email loop page with a link to join the loop, chat in our chat room, or visit our recipe board!!

Specht Family's Home on the web
My site includes info about our Marine Corps family, also info about the USMC and pics of us and links.

Saylor Family Homestead
Family friendly site with info about our Air Force family and keeping up with us!

Veteran Advocates
To honor our Veterans, Active Military, POWs, MIAs and those no longer with us

The Fayman Family
The travels of the Fayman Family in the Navy.

USDevilDogMoms Marines' Family Support Group
Our group shares in the concerns, for support, for questions, answers, prayers, anything that you might want to share with others who are also going through the same emotions that you are.{;}It's a lot ...

Amethyst Heart
This is a Tribute to my brother L/cpl Bernard M. Himes, killed in action May 17 1968, in Southern Quang Nam Province{;}on Operation Allen Brook.{;}

A Tribute: Let Us Remember & Be Grateful
A Tribute is a section of my family web site dedicated to POW-MIAs, veterans & those still serving.{;}{;}The 2nd page is the chronicle of Robert A. Scherr's Marine Corps travels throughout his career - ...

Softbreeze Paradise on the Net
Odds and ends that interest me that I'd like to share.{;}

They Died For Us
I have four POW/MIA's on my military site. All are U.S. Army, and from Oregon. I also have many other military pages, dealing with many things of interest.

My 4th Pow/Mia
My 4th adopted Pow/Mia.

A Raid on Munich
A harrowing journey of my Father's bombing mission over Nazi Headquarters, and his capture.

The Gons' Family
A small cornor on the web that allows me to brag bout my family. Please step on in adn meet the most important people in my life. =) Semper Fi=)

Oliver Jackson's USMC Homepage, 3/1
This home page is dedicated to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division, Vietnam! The page is also designed to keep all Veterans informed on Veterans issues!!!

Patriot's Place Gate
A tribute to all, who ever wore The Military Uniform in defense of The United States of America. The political views are decidedly conservative, but NOT intended to discourage anyone, regardless of personal ...

A POWs Prayer
This was written for them. It was also written for us. I hope you feel something....and then go out and DO something!

Michele's Personal Place
This is my personal website which features my family, friends, causes, and interests. Meet my children. My daughter was a sailor in the U.S. Navy for 4 years. My son is in the Army Infantry, currently ...

Patriotic Pride
A site Built to keep America informed, and to help get our Heroes home.

Jeri's Americana Page
For those of you who are interested in Military Life, I have provided some Official and Unofficial Links, Army Nurse/Health Care Team, Health/Dental, Financial, Historical, Family Support,Travel and Recreational,{;}Publications, ...

Veteran communitys
A military communitys page linking from my veterans page and adopted pow/mia pages.

Christopher Schramm
Website tribute to Chris Schramm KIA May 1968 in Vietnam. Includes many picture and information.

Lejunes Page
Variety of pictures both family and military. Breif history of Long Line of Military members!

Married To The Military
"Married To The Military" is a free song dedications service support site for all US active duty military, their families and friends. It contains both adult and children indexes of songpages available ...

Tim's Army Engineer Page
This site is dedicated to the Army, Army National Guard, and Army Engineers

A Little History....
A reflective tribute to the Sixties, Vietnam and one veteran's experience on the River Patrol Boats...POW/MIA pages..{;}linked to my Davy Jones and Sixties Music & Trivia site.

The Guice 5
The Guice 5 Family Website~ A USMC Family

LCPL Honeycutt
Personal website containg pictures and information about me and my family.

William F. Taylor VFW Post 9486
We supply information for veterans and POW/MIA issues.

My Adopted POW/MIA Quentin Rippetoe Beecher
My page on my adopted POW/MIA Quentin Rippetoe Beecher. {;}

My Adopted POW/MIA George Andrews Howe
A page on my 2nd adopted pow/mia George Andrews Howe.

My Adopted POW/MIA Donald Gene Carr
A page on my 3rd adopted pow/mia Donald Gene Carr.

Glennda's Place
I did my site in order to share with the world things that I really like. I hope that some how with what I have added to my site I am able to help bcommunity a smile to someones face, knowledge to someone ...

Home of the Military Families community
The main page of all pages I have created which are linked to it.

The Lochners Home Away From Home
Come by our country home filled with charm and love! You will have lots of recipes, links, and pics to check out as well as info for military and working out of the home! Stop by soon!

Friend Family Homepages
News about our family and friends, military life, and important issues like Children with Special Needs, Alzheimers Disease, Missing and Abused Children, OCD and anxiety disorders and other issues important ...

Saylor Family Homestead
We are an Air Force family. Love kids, stay at home Mom too. Catholic faith.

American Vetcommunitys
A communitys page of my veterans page.

Military Communitys
My Military Communitys and links to my Veterans page.

Wife of a Devil Dog
Info on my Marine husband and I, my love for him, poems and support for Marine wives and girlfriends, poems for Marines, info on Marines, jokes and quotes and much more!

Veterans Message Board and Stories Forum
A veterans message board and storie board.