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As a Christian Diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease & Medically Retired from the service, I wanted to do something in my spare time to help others. Messages With Meaning is about spreading special important messages through out the World. Reaching out to those in need of help or friendship.We have stories, experiences and even poems from all over the net about Drinking and driving, Child abuse, spouse abuse and many other different topics to make you aware and maybe even help you in different ways. We also show love and support to those that need it in difficult times.

Southern Style Sue's
Family friendly, Christian, I am a nurse and will be shacommunity my family, my love for the Lord and my poetry. I also have some stories to share. I love making new friends and helping others. Please ...

Sarah's Memorial Website
A memorial site for our 2 1/2 yr old daughter that passed away from bacterial meningitis. The site includes her story, poems, links and much more.{;}

James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S. Huggins is a professional speaker, author & technologist. With more than 30 years of Information Technology experience, he writes and speaks about technology, change and the social impacts, sprinkled ...

Grandma's communitys
Starting from this community page, you can visit Grandma's Farm, Grandma's POW/MIA/KIA memorial, Grandpa's Albumpages, or Uncle Robin's Greatest Game just by clicking the links on the Communitys-R.Us index ...

Angels-N-Miracles 4 Jessica
Jessica's Angels is about her many angels that have surrounded her since her birth and her angels that surround her now. Jessica was DX with Nueroblastoma, a childhood cancer at 7 months of age, now in ...

Gerry and Company
Pages made and dedicated to my grandchildren.Poems,pics,inspirational stories.Awards to apply for.Prestigious Awards of the Web Community..{;}

Dear Diary
Don't let abuse happen to you - There are so many that care and we are here to help :) {;}

Light in the Darkness
Website inspired by online prayer requests that has prayers, advice, information and links for those who are troubled.

Compass Morainn Journal
The publication journal site of Compass Morainn, a companion site to Compass Morainn - an association of Exopolitical Mediators. We are a network of mediators working to establish and improve a newly ...