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Boy Dolls! If you enjoy large-scale (15” or taller) ball jointed dolls, take pictures of them, collect them, have banners, avatars, blogs, layouts or whatever in regards to these dolls, then this is the community for you! This is a community created just for the doll enthusiast and people who spend time on photographing them to share! If you like looking at pretty, fun, fantasy, goth and everything in between in these types of dolls, then you’ve come to the right place! Websites in this community should have at least one doll such as a: Super Dollfie: SD13 and Mini Super Dollfie, DOD, Andolrea U-Noss, Unoa Quluts, Rasendo, Forever, Cerberus, Ai, Happy Doll, Obitsu and any other similar doll.

The Domino Effect
My shrine to Duke, a SD13 School boy with Volks exclusive School/Classroom head. ^^

No Angel
Home to Lazlo and Calix (CP/Rasendo boy and MSD FCS f-10) - Photos, writings, jrock bishie boys.

No Gentlemen
Site for my Blue Fairy Jerome, Volks F-28, F-21 and Ricky Bermont boys.

The home of Amory's six lovely bad boys, Nanashi, Jack Fairy, Belial, Siam Ese, Phlegyas Styx, and Charon Acheron.

The Loft
Home of Dylan and Eve's loft. Dylan is an SD13 Shiro with an attitude! Come see their adventures as they have fun!

Dragon's Nest
Tom's doll page, featucommunity his Super Dollfies, Custom House and Cerberus Project boys

:+: The Rouge Dollhaus :+:
This site is home to my Super Dollfies. I'm a self-taught artist & photographer and I enjoy using my dolls in my work.

Resin Deities
General ABJD site with lots of photographs.

A - L I V E
It'a boy harem~! 13 boys and 2 girls. You do the math. All the Volks Tokyo Boy Story guys (and one girl) are here. Lucas and Chris, two Volks FCS SD13 F-16 boys (in the works), Harajuku Memories Tony and ...

Lady with the Dog
Home of the Prince & the Vamp, better known as Zyfan & Karanthir, the boyz. The place where the rest of my BJD Crew reside and share their lives in Photo Stories. And of course you'll find pics of Miss ...

Looking Glass House
ABJD website with dolls from several companies. Photography, tutorials, and stories.