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An area where I talk about my knitting projects.

Knitting software developed by men and a woman for everyone.

Du's Knitting Blog
Male knitter, crocheter and crafter in KC, MO

Hooked on the Needle

auntiemichal ...
Knitter, reader, computer, cat feeder, and (fill-in-the-blank)er with a million project ideas and not enough time to do them all.

Just me and my knitting and my ranting and my raving.

about my knitting and dogs and life in general

Frank Notes

Floss and Yarn
Come see the projects that I am working on as they progress from start to finish.

Talk about knitting mostly and life in general.

subdue it with a sweater
Boy makes things. Sometimes badly

My place to talk about my love of fibre crafts.

Strange iSpace
A blog dedicated to collecting the random knitting, crafting, art, and other random project that I manage to work on.

walts thoughts
just my project and random thoughts basically

Katya\'nın Örgü Dünyası
Im a knitter from Turkey.

Cynical Knitting Gal
Knitting up a yarn about knitting and everyday happenings. I am a friend of Men who Knit :)

You Have Got to be Knitting Me
Blog of a new knitter.

Regaining our sanity, one stitch at a time. Life's a Stitch and then you Frog!

Twisted Knitster
Knitting blog with music and fun

Andy in Amsterdam
My blog is about my life in Amsterdam, which has a lot to do with knitting. It also has to do with travel, my parter, writing, working and all the things that go along with daily life.

YarnWhore Fondles Fiber
I blog about my knitting and life in general. With a healthy respect for the women and girly crap out there, I have much more respect for the modern aspects of knitting, especially the male perspecti ...

Yarn Goddess
The trials and tribulations of a middle-aged California knitter; also a site where yarns, books, and shops are reviewed.

The Yarn Doctor
The Yarn Doctor's blog.

MEI Scrapghans Hug
MEI Scrapghans Hug is a project designed t obcommunity together needlecrafters with left-over yarn and those who want or need afghans. Would you like to join us? Become a scrapfairy and spread the ...

Pete's Place
I do custom, one-of-a-kind designs. It's awesome to find other guys that knit also.

You Have Got to be Knitting Me

MysterJay's Rant
Knitting/Crocheting/Crafting man in Podunk... er, I mean Pueblo, CO.

Knitting is my life. Where better to shout that to the world than online? )O( Robert

Knit for Brains dot Net
A guy learning to kit shares his insights, lessons, recommendations, projects, links and a few cat pictures.

The ongoing adventures of a dude knitter...

Oh, Knitta! ...just a dude who likes to knit.
OH, KNITTA! I'm so excited about this blog. I recently graduated college in NY and decided to come home for the fall! During the first few weeks it was nice to sleep in, go to the gym, eat everything in ...

Knit Fu!
A site for knitting, and primarily male knitters at that. I've been knitting for about a month now, and this will be a blog (eventually a podcast) on my journey down the knitting hole. So Come join me ...

I am CraftyKiwi
A blog aboout the craft adventures of a 33 year old guy in Wellington, New Zealand. I'm into knitting, dying, spinning, keeping fit, food, wine, architecture, design, and quality film and literature. ...