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It's all about knitting. I love it!

When Knitting Was a Manly Art
The sometimes daily ramblings of a 50-something male knitter

Knitting Musings
(almost) daily saga of my knitting progress, with occassional diversions! Proud to be a "friend of the knitting man"... geeze, that sounds like a political slogan!

Art as an everyday attitude. Color, knitting, dance, music, cooking and all other artful endeavors.

when usually it's nothing
Random musing on my life and interests, mostly knitting and animals.

Like the Queen
Frequent posts about my knitting, spinning and other fiber activities, illustrated with sketches. Occaisonal side tours to the garden.

Alternative Knitting
Commentary and discussion on the art of knitting, blogs, journals, resources, knitting gossip, technique, yarn and fibers, books and cats.

crafty bitch
Adventures in knitting and other handy things.

Dweezy's Xanga Site
Knitformation about me and my fiber adventures

tex knitter
The ramblings of a Texas guy who knits.

Pagan Knitter

Busy Needles
Notes from a keen knitter and needlewoman.

A Tikkunknitter\'s Miscellany


a quiet spot to journal about adventures in the gardens, and with various forms of stitchwork.

Fibre Alive
A journal of my exploits and adventures in knitting, along with other events in my life.

David's Craft Journal
My name is David. This is my craft journal. I like to knit and crochet and also do some other crafts. My journal is a mix of different things about my hobbies and interests. Come take a visit.

The Boy Who Knits

Darkinn Knits
My Blog to show off different projects I am working on. Yes I am a Male Knitter, as of December 2005.

mikknits & crochets, too
Knitting blog

This is a site that offers knowledge, technical advice, patterns, humor, truth, information and reports for the diverse sphere of creative knitting and knitters, but encompassing, other needlework, needleworkers ...

Join the Round
This is my Bloggity-blog about knitting and purling, making socks and other needle-worked goodies...

frayed edge
Site discussing knitting and men knitting in addition to tid-bits about me.

The "B" Ark
The blog/wiki of a career programmer and hobbiest knitter.

Crafty Andy
I am hoping that this blog will help you and me experience the craft of crochet as well as knitting. In times of silence or turmoil, crochet and knitting continuously help me quiet my mind at my own pace, ...

I am a fibreholic! There is no way from getting away from it. I LOVE anything fibre-related: spinning, weaving, knitting, felting, etc. I think I have it under control, but sometimes I lose it and get ...

Cables and Wool
blog of a Boston guy who knits

Blathecommunitys, really, of a middle-aged metrosexual: a happily married man confident enough of his sexuality to admit Matt Damon is good looking, prefer mah jongg to poker and knitting to football. ...

spinning, knitting... what more is there?

Obsessed in Oakland
Obsessed in Oakland is my blog where I like to write about my knitting projects and other fun stuff.

Celtic Knitter
An obsessive knitter that likes to create patterns, be creative and share ideas.

Just one guy's knitting adventure

All Things Knitted

knitten ninja: needles are my nunchucks
i like to knit. i don't have the money for expensive yarn. i make cheap things that are awesome. this is a place for me to keep track of what i have done, in case i give something away in an unforeseen ...

Stash Stories
My blog, updated infrequently ;) dealing with my fiberholicism, among other things as my mood changes.

Tales From The Y
My journey, as I learn to knit and meditate - and maintain my (self-concept of) masculinity throughout.

Nearjah's Ink
Adoption, Drawing, Photography and more

The Twisted Sock
the middle-aged fibreholic knits, spins, talks about life & the Boytoy

Home of JAG BAG Felted bags and knits. Free patterns, TONS of links, favorites, monthly knit for charity site, and MORE.

Knitting on Deck
The mussings of a young knitter who swims and lives in Washington D.C.

Zeeppo's Knitting Blog
Join me in my adventure to have a knitting group in Pittsburgh as a male.

Knitting with KB
blog devoted to knitting endeavors with infrequent OT posts.

Lick My Sticks
Another twenty-something knitter with a bad attitude.

Alterknit Universe
A male Mainer's newbie knitting site, with some alternative music thrown in for good measure!

Jigra Knits
A site about my knitting, musings, etc.

Maxwell Designs
site dedicated to my university degree work in textiles.

The BIG Adventures of Mama-E
My ADVENTURES in the indy-craft trade and my misadventures in the fiber arts.

My Oyster
The World is My Oyster...

WoolGatherer, a refugee from the ivory tower of academe, is a mild-mannered cube-dweller in an obscure cul-de-sac of a Fortune 500 company; he knits, he purls, he writes, he plots his rise to greatnes ...

Velma's World
Musings on life in the World o' Velma, behind the Redwood Curtain, land of wonderousness. Blogging on topics such as: Arcata, Humboldt, knitting, spinning, disc golf, reading, sarcasm, and yes, bacon.