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A community to gather together all Male Knitters (ladies welcome)

Don't know if this qualifies for your community. We're two male knitters interested in giving support to knew and experienced male knitters by running website (no $$ -- a love thing) with links to Men's ...

Jon's Knit Blog
I knit, I'm a guy, I blog about it, so I qualify. (Hey, that rhymed. Fun!)

Blog with some knitting

From wooly minds come wooly thoughts.

Knitty Dude
My place to stitch and bitch...two things I do really well.

Grace Knits

Mister Clicker's Knits
This is just a blog about my knitting thoughts and escapades.

The Insecurity Blanket
The ongoing saga of a practitioner of the Drunken Monkey Style of knitting to hone is craft and avenge his family's honor.


Just in the Knit of Time
knitting blog and general chit chat about my family

Knitted Terrors
A blog where I post all my knitting projects, pictures, stories, and more.

You Cheeky Article!
just a blog about knitting a few other bits to keep it interesting

HK Knitter

/(p[eu]rls of wisdom)?/
A blog of a British guy, living in the US, covecommunity many topics.

Meditations on knitting, yoga, la vie absurde.

Knitting Soul
The adventures of a newbie knitter

A southern boy who knits in the Bay Area of California.

The Crochet Dude
A place to help this dude keep track of his thoughts and ideas on his way down the fiber arts superhighway...

A blog about knitting, cats, dogs, other crafts and my life in general.

Ravings from a Danish City at Night
Ravings - thoughts, idea, memes, grumpings, growlings, mumbles and other assorted utterances ------- Danish City - Aalborg, Northern Jutland, Denmark, Europe, Terra, Sol system, Orion Arm of the Milky ...

The Purloined Letter
Quoth the Raven, "Knit some more!"

This blog will focus on the special challenges men knitters face, historical knitting, the physiology and psychology of learning new techniques, using computer technology to assist in the knitting pro ...

Incessant Knitting
Why do anything else when you can be knitting?

Knitting & Beer
We are a group of artistic types who knit in Vancouver, Canada. We have one superb male knitter in our midst. We knit in bars and drink beer and talk about the arts. But when we blog, we only blog about ...

Cyn's Knits 'n Stuff
Parts of my life and knitting projects shared for all to see.