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This community is designed specifically for sites on the net that have been dedicated to a loved one who has passed on....{;}

A Page to Honor MY MAMA
The loss of my Mama. This explains how she died, so needlessly. This page was done, for many reasons. I hope someone will learn something from it.

Becca's Memorial
It is our desire that through shacommunity our experience with others who have lost loved ones, that they may be encouraged towards the healing of their hearts. Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn, ...

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Memorial Site
This website is dedicated to the victims of the rarest and most deadly form of breast cancer - Inflammatory Breast Cancer. There are over 150 ibc patients who each have their own webpage. Please notify ...

Lori's Place
The site is dedicated to my Dad who died Feb. 16, 1994 and really the whole thing is a memorial to him. On my website I have pages on my parents; on all 10 of my nieces and nephews; my brother and sisters; ...

In Memory of my Father
This site is dedicated to my father, Richard Levon who passed away on April 2, 1984.

In Loving Memory of Johnathan
A memorial site for my 17 year old son, Johnathan .. he shot and killed himself on

In memory of dad
a tribute to my wonderful father who was taken form us in a coal mine explosion.

Sugarbear's Homepage
family orinated child safe

In Loving Memory Of Nicholas
This site is dedicated to our son, Nicholas, who was born an angel on October 4, 2001.

My Angel Above
This site is dedicated to the memory of my son who was born still when I was six months pregnant with him.

In Memory of Scott Baldwin
This is a memorial to my husband that passed at the age of 27 due to a motorcycle accident on July 20th, 1999.{;}

In Memory of Cheyenne
I built this site as a memorial to a very good friends daughter Cheyenne. She died as a result of a hidden household danger... MINI BLINDS

Brat Boy
In loving memory of our son Beau, a high school student killed by a drunk {;}driver 2 weeks before graduation. Also updates on court proceedings.

Joey's Memorial
Memorial to my son Joey who died when he was only 15 years old after being hit by a car in front of his high school at dismisal time.

My Angel David
A memorial site dedicated to my 13 yr old son who was killed when he hit by a car.

Memories Of A Cowboy
In memory of my son...Take a journey through the short life of one young man. Original poetry, pictures, lake applets, memories, helpful links. Add your link.

Memorial site for Marcelo
A memorial site for Marcelo, our loved husband and father who died in October 24th 2002 at work.

IN Memory of Stan Jr.
remembecommunity our son.

A Love Eternal
A memorial website dedicated to my beloved husband and a celebration of our love eternal.

In Memory Of Jason
Twinkling little stars above..bcommunity me back the one I love..gone to Heaven..work is done..how I miss my precious son.

Bronx Palace
The Legend of The Bronx Grown Rican Rose She is a true lady. {;}Respectful of herself and others at all times. {;}Her beauty is beyond compare, because it comes from her heart. {;}Her value is greater ...

Jennifer's Memory
A few Pages and Poems dedicated to the memory of my 19 yr old cousin.

In Loving Memory
This is a tribute to my one daughter Karla that we have lost at a young age of 18

Nurse Halo's Cloud
A memorial to my mother, angel pictures, poems, links to my other sites, apply for one of my awards.

Our Beloved Josie
domestic violence takes a life, and a family. All that is left are memories of a beautiful young women and her son.