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Community for memorial page sites, anyone with a memorial page for a loved one is encouraged to join this community.

Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial
This site in an online children's memorial dedicated to raising awareness to childhood diseases such as Cancer, Leukemia, AID's, etc. If you have lost a child, you may have a star added in their memory. ...

Grace's page
Grace's page includes her photos, story and information on how we have coped since her death

Still Grieving
Our site includes a page for each of our angels as well as information on grief 6 months and on

Precious Boys
This is a memorial site for our two precious sons with both their stories and photos. Also information on miscarriage, creating memories and links to other helpful sites.

Memories Of A Cowboy
In memory of my son--take a journey through the short life of one young man. Pictures, memories and original Christian poetry. Helpful links. Add your link.

For Hope
A loving tribute to our angel Hope Christine, who passed away four very short hours after her birth due to anencephaly.

Allie's Treasures
My site is a family oreinted site with mostly poetry.It contains christian and general type pages and my most favorite and the one that triggered my desire for a web site " a memorial to my grandson."

In Loving Memory of Jerry Blocher
This is a memorial to my big brother, Jerry. Jerry passed away at the age of 30 due to complicaitons from Diabetes and Addison's diseases. He lived long enough to go to, and thoroughly enjoy, my wedding, ...

In Memory Of Josh
Site dedicated to a wonderful person, who was killed by the hands of another human being. he is sadly missed

In loving memory of our son Robin Svensson
Memorialsite of our son who died only 17 days old in urosepsis

In Memory of Joshua
This the story of the loss of my beloved son due to a drug overdoes.

Cancer Memorial
This site is dedicated to those who have lost the fight against Cancer. If you have lost someone, add them here.

Our Star In Heaven
a memorial site for my son Bradlee who i lost to SIDS at the tender age of 10 weeks.

Dedicated to Charlie
I dedicate this site to the memory of my loving brother Charles L. Brown. Charlie drowned in the Swannee River on May 31,2000 at the age of 22.{;}

Nanie's Garden Hideaway
My site is mostly about me, my interests, and my hobbies. The world around me and friends I have met from being involved on the internet.

My Little Space on the Net
My struggle with Breast Cancer, Information and personal stories on Breast Cancer, pictures of family and friends, My tribute to my best friend Lori who passed away from Breast Cancer at the age of 38, ...

Brat Boy
In loving memory of our son Beau, a high school student killed by a drunk {;}driver 2 weeks before graduation. Also updates on court proceedings.

Brandon's Dedication Page
Memorial Page

Jason Dunn Memorial Site
As time goes by.... we still miss you as much as in the beginning...we were told that it would get better...it hasn't. We have just learned ways of "dealing" with it

My Lil Angel
Page dedicated to my lil angel; Due on Earth 3-21-01, born in heaven Sept. 2000.

Sandra Jeanne Weiss, Alive and with us.
This is a web site that I have dedicated to my sister who after a life filled with sadness decided to end it via suicide. It is my first site and while it has some flaws, It is my hope that others can ...

RainbowPixels- Melissa's Pages
These pages are dedicated to my "Special Angel" Melissa, my daughter.{;}On these pages there are links on these pages to information on SIDS {;}(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and infant loss, my story, ...

in memory of dino
a memorail tribute to my father who was killed in a coal mine explosion Feb 16, 1984

In Loving Memory Of Jacob
A memorial in loving memory of my son Jacob who went to Heaven on 9-11-01.

Samantha's Site
A memorial site for a beloved first daughter Samantha Ann - who became an angel at the tender age of two years and seven months. Born on earth but to flower in heaven.