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Discombobulation Notes
Knitting, crafts, rants and musings

Naptime Musings

Slightly Obsessed
The muttecommunitys of a former tech nerd turned SAHM who has taken all former obsessive work habits and applied them to the domestic realm. There will be lots about small children, knitting and gardening. ...

Dandelion Dreamers

The Musings of Meri

Black Sheep Knits
I am the black sheep of the family... and I knit. A lot. For my daughter and for the one on the way, and for anyone else who tickles my fancy!

Knit Spiral

Antennas to Heaven
I'm a Mama to one beautiful toddler, a wife to one sexy Turk, a nursing student, and a very geeky knitter. My blog is all about knittin', and I enjoy forays into the stranger side of knitting and crafting. ...

The Little Green Frog
The ramblings of motherhood and my craft obsession.

Cinnamonamon...A knitting mommy's tale
The daily life of an adventurous knitting mamma with 2 small boys (& a pretty great husband ;)).

An obsessive knitter's obsessive little knitting blog. Frequent knitting posts and pics, with occasional appearances by my other obsession, my twin toddler sons. I also have an interest in the relationship ...

Pancake Goddess in the House of Boys

Vegan Knitting
Explocommunity the art of knitting with non-animal fiber yarns. Vegan cooking and restaurant-visiting. Nature-related activities like bird-watching. Occasional charity knitting with wool.

Knit Me Something
Yes, another knitting blog. Yes, another blog full of pictures of half finished projects and the occasional finished one. And yes, another blog full of yarn raves. And you know what? You'll come back over ...

Life a la carte
I blog about my passions, which are knitting, homeschooling, and reading. I go off on frequent tangents about moving, plumbing, and wallpaper

Lyndsey's knitting

The Front Porch Swing
Modern day woman goes through the ancient process of making cloth from the hair of animals much to the bemusement of others.

I try to find time each day to delve into some kind of creative endeavor. My current favorite form of expression is knitting! While knitting mostly out of practicality and need, I am slowly ventucommunity ...

Midnight Knitter
I'm a newbie knitter. I have almost completed my first project: a felted wetbag! I will be blogging about my experience, lessons I've learned, and pictures of my projects!

Rising Night
A basic knitting blog which is hopelessly behind as far as my knitting projects are concerned.

random musings of a busy busy momma... Knitting, Home birth, Lactation, Water birth...

Balsam Roots
A place to keep photos and notes on my knitting projects and other artistic endeavors.

Days With Frog and Toad
I'm Pamela, mama to Eli and Sam and owner of www.woolywonder.com. We're all about fun!

Debstmomy Knits
to show off my knitting.

Eileen's Place
Eileen is a WAHM of three daughters and another baby girl due in September. She runs a nature-based home childcare three days per week and a Natural Parenting Website out of her Connecticut home. Eileen ...