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Matthew Wayne Shepard and other victims of hate crimes should never be forgotten

FreeHawk's Lair - Tribute to Matt Shepard
My personal tribute to a young man I never knew who, through this tragedy, changed my life

Gentle Touch's Web
In loving memory of Matthew Shepard and ALL who have been lost or whom are survivors of hate crimes and violence. Somehow we must find a way to stop the hatred. May all who have been lost finally have ...

Stop The Silence
{;}STOP THE SILENCE.... a desktop wallpaper to honor Matthew Shepard - STOP THE SILENCE.... Gay Bashers are closet cases. Gay people know it. Straight people know it. When gaybashers realize we know why ...

Welcome to Evan's Island
Pages dedicated to Matthew Wayne Shepard. Page dedicated to friends.{;}Helpful links for creating your own website

Safe Haven
"Tortured far apart Children of the Secret are Alone until love"~A Survivors{;}site. PTSD symptoms, Mediations for Women Survivors of Abuse, Mental Illness Issues.

Dude Power!
A forum dedicated to preserving the dignity and self-worth of the male gender in society while upholding gender equality.

Coming Out: Realizing Bisexuality in a Straight World
Pride page for my and others' coming out stories.

Shoutout13's bi-black webspot
A resource site for bi-black men and women on the "downlow". All are welcomed to visit.