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SuShi is a joint Shi`i and Sunni community which aims to promote harmony between Shi'i and Sunni Muslims. It is a place of respect, humility, understanding, peace and fellowship. We respect diversity in both the Sunni and Shi'i Muslim communities, and reject all forms of violence and hatred that would pit one Muslim against another.

A blog On Sufism, Tasawwuf, Traditional Islam,Wisdom and poetry from Scholars of Ehsan & Spirituality

planet grenada
the perspectives of a modern-day moor

Group blog on women's issues by Muslim women.

AnthroGal's World
On Islam, the Middle East, life in Indiana, bibliophilia, and other distractions in life.

Islamic Reflections
A site were the owner reflects on daily events and gives his own personal opinion. Also, others are encouraged to comment and participate.

Sunni Sister - Blahg Blahg Blahg
Whatever's between a whole lotta nothin' and not much. La illaha il Allah, Muhammadur Rasul'Allah.

Truth & Beauty
An American-Pakistani Muslim woman's reflections on life, the Universe, & everything.

The Wish
Islam Rules

Rasa'il Khalil al-Wafa'

Existential musings, occasional religious and self-doubt, commentary and polemics on news and current affairs... and more!

Abdur Rahman's Corner
Ma'as salama (peace be with you). I'm a 33 year old English Muslim, living in the Valleys of South Wales (UK), though I'm originally from the East End of London (I'm a Cockney in other words)! I'm married ...

brown rab girl fish

Aspicommunity Shia
A blog on various Islamic topics, in the hopes to promote understanding of the true teachings of Islam (unlike what is being presented by the media), and more specifically the identity of women through ...