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Philly Diva Knits
A knitting blog about life, love, yarn and the pusuit of sanity.

Chrissy's Random Life
Lots of stuff about my insane obsession with knitting and anything yarn related, my cute little grey tabby, and the neacommunity completion of a B.A. in English.

Saturday Night Sheep
My wonderful moments as a knitter/crocheter.

chunky blond nightmare getting her ass back in the knitting swing

my site is about my knitting and my life in newfoundland

My Ugly Sweater

Knit With Love

Two best friends - One in Louisville,Ky and one in Atlanta, Ga - share a blog to post thier knitting adventures.

babbling brook
just random thoughts on knitting, reading, life & other things I like

Kimberwood Shetlands
Shetland Sheep, Emily my Border Collie, and all my various projects.

Knits Well With Others
I used to be a really nice girl. Then I moved to Germany, met an Irishman and starting knitting - it's all gone downhill since then....

Annie Knits
I knit and that's that.

Tangled Fingers
Taking you through my knitting and frogging adventures, with some life for flavor.

The Life of a Knitter

Sheep at the Beach ART Studio
A small journey into an artist's world of playing with wool & needles on the beach.

Ludo's Knit
i knit, go to law school, and hang out with my cat....i'm one wild girl.

My Life As I Know it.
My crazy view on knitting, life, raising kids, working and going to school while trying to stay sane.

Sometimes life is so full of knit that you just fell like running to the corner and hittin it! Especially when your in Graduate School!

Rose Knitted Glasses
The story of a newbie knitter and of how knitting has made her see life in a wonderful new way

My Fuzzy Balls
I've always been a bad girl. Now, I'm a bad girl who knits.

lizzies yarns
Meandecommunitys of a textile artist potter. Life in New Brunswick canada, and living with Creative kids.

Knitting and Sewing and all forms of procrastination

Stitches In Pink

Lick My Sticks
Another twenty-something knitter with a bad attitude.

Keep Your Needles Crossed
An addict's diary of the obsession with the needles.

crafty momma
knitting mom of 3

A Bit o' Knit
There seem to be a multitude of blogs written by knitting redheaded women with cats. Here is another one.

Bohemian Knitter Chic
A collection of a new knitters projects from the past, present, and future as well as links to helpful sites and cool blogs.

Stickyfingers Crafts
A single neurotic knitter, spinner and all around bad girl

darkpaintedknits: knitting the night away
A typical college student by day, knitter by night. I'm not kidding anyone: I knit any time of day! Perhaps even while I'm in class.

Knit Girl
a blog adventure about knitting.

Tales of a Spinning Knitter
I love to knit, spin & ride my Harley. And I just got my second tattoo...does that make me bad? :-)

Ramblings of a Crafter
A blog where I can ramble on about my crafting and my kitty.

A site with pics of completed knit and crochet projects. Lots of free pattern websites. Helpful how to links to knit and crochet.

Bad Girls Who Knit
Bad Girls Central

Till Death Do I Knit
Me and my knitting, and the occasional druken mess.

The Chick With Stix
This is my knitting blog. I post on it quite frequently with pictures and my first pattern will be going up soon!

Knit This Bitch
the (mostly) knitting blog of a crazed college kid with an eye for fiber and animals.

knitting under the influence

Catirina Bonet Designs
This blog is about life, art, knitting, crochet, and sewing. I will write about techniques, tips, design, and the community of art and creativity.

Stitch Bitch
Obsessed knitter shacommunity her journey and learning experience

Urban Oasis
Individually battling the industrial revolution, Victor Street Farm advocates knitting, DIY, Food Not Lawns, Urban Chickens and the Slow Food Movement.

Viva Scrapper!
Ht rod girl who knits way to much who left her swanky digs in the hip Silverlake area of Los Angeles to shack up in North Hollywood with a Hunky guy. Our house is full of Old cars and an obscene yarn ...

YarnWhore Fondles Fiber
I knit, I blog about it, and I blog about random crap that comes in my head and my life. I like to think I'm a Bad Girl....at least in my head! :)

The Yarn Princess

Blue Bear
All of the crafty stuff- it just takes me a little while to get it finished. I am a slow crafter, but I get easily inspired and do manage to finish projects from time to time. I am also new to the Seattle ...

At the end of this row...
While I try to find other time to knit, naptime seems to be the only time these days when I am able to put my neddles together. I'm a full-time mom, family cook/baker, self-proclaimed domestic artist, ...

Knittinfree Blog
Knitting,Loving and Living on the Gulf Coast

Knit Musings
My journal of knitting, spinning and dyeing adventures. I will share my personal views on yarn, fiber, patterns and related books. Please