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Some Kind of Magical is a community for all fantasy related websites, personal or commercial are accepted. If you love Faeries, Dragons, Witches, Wizards, Centaurs, Merfolk and all the things that are unseen but our hearts tell us are true, than this is the community for you :)

Critter Pixels
A Website for displaying my dollz, bases and pixel art, with purchaseware available.

Faery Unicorn
a place for the fae to frolic and play!

Faerie Realm, my little corner of the Fae Kingdom
Fairy art, Cicely M Barker, Amy Brown, Jeff Bedrick and many more. Fairy pictures for downloading, fairy websets, backgrounds,desktop wallpaper, adopted unis and faeries

Andrea's Chamber
Welcome to Andrea's Chamber. I decided to call it a chamber since there will be many different things on it. It will have many things to offer such as graphics, adoptions, awards and more. It will also ...

Faerie Glen
The is the Faerie Glen, where faeries come to rest after their work and play. Not-for profit site built to help faeries find a loving respite after a busy day or night.

swt harmony graphics
Site full of graphics created by me using OLs and tutorials from around the net.

Rhowan's Fantasy Castle
Enter a world of faeries, dragons and wizards. Explore my castle and be rewarded for your hunting. Walk the gardens and browse the bookstore. You may also find some faeries or dragons you may like to take ...

Fantasy Discussion and News- book dedicated site geared towards teen fantasy lovers

The Chronicles of Firma Official Website
The official website of author Pat Nelson Childs' "Chronicles of Firma" series.