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Black Mommy Blogs is a community for African American mothers who like to blog.

Black Mommy Blogs
A Group for African American Moms who like to Blog.

Mocha Maternity
All about being Black and pregnant.

Me and My Bourgie Baby
A new mom responds to the "bourgie" antics of her life when dealing with the reality of motherhood, professional growth, and love.

Eco-Friendly Momma
I'm lessening the impact my life has on the environment. I'm here to clean up the earth, simplify my life, and share with you how I'm doing it. I pass on tips, share info on products I'm diggin', and ...

Nappy Hair Blog
Using a little humor to encourage moms (of all ethnic groups) to embrace their daughter's wonderfully nappy, napptural, natural hair.

My blog world of jewelry, cards, works in the making, artisan love, and journals of a momtrepreneur in progress.

Just Being Girly
Things I go through with myself, and family. Trying to find me, and my use to be girly side.

1Healthy Mommy Blog
Classy African American mom shares her natural birth story, eating habits, and what she does to keep her family and baby healthy.

Buildeth Her House
This site is dedicated to all things pertaining to a woman who builds her home. I'm a christian wife and mother of seven! We have a lot of love in our home. I pride myself on creating an atmosphere of ...

(The Handmade Project)
A domestic girl in a material world. Ever the Girl Scout, I wear my heavily-badged sash proudly, earning merits as an eighties baby; fourth-generation kitchen gadget junkie; resident chef; felt and ...