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Relieve Pain Today
We sell medical grade high energy Neodymium magnets, magnetic joint supports and magnet pads for pain management. Comparable to Nikken products but we sell at wholesale prices.


E-Magnet Shop
Top of the Line Magnetic Therapy Products: Magnetic Mattress Pads, Wraps, Jewelry and even magnetic products for pets.

Deb and I Magnetic Jewelry
Our site is dedicated to providing beautiful strong and effective magnetic jewelry and accessories never before available to the discerning customer. Each piece of jewelry is custom designed for your ...

Nannette's Magnetic Jewelry
I sell high grade custom made magnetic jewelry with Swarovski crystals, and semi-precious stones at a reasonable price. Iíve been a stay at home mom and crafter for over 20 years. I started making and ...

Anti Aging Magnetic Field Technology
Our bodies are made of atomic particles (atoms). Each atom has a negative (Electron) and a positive (Proton) charge just like a Magnet has a north (positive) and South (negative) pole. If we apply a ...