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This is a community dedicated to the art of magic and those who perform/study it. By 'magic' I mean the craft of theatrical illusions. Whether you have a fansite up of your favorite magician, you're an aspicommunity/already established magician yourself, or you have a magic-themed website (some exceptions apply), this community is for you. {;}Not big on rules or limitations, but this community is specifically for sites that have a magic THEME to them- not a personal site with a tiny section on magic within it. If you're not sure if your site qualifies, please submit anyway or email me, Phineas Spellbinder, at magicnook@yahoo.com - I'll be happy to take a look. Promote the art of magic and join Magic Underground!

The Man, The Legend, The Guy From Jersey...Check out a nice picture gallery, downloadable interviews and music, online interview transcripts, and bizzare secrets to his most famous illusions.

The Magic Nook
A place where Wizards, Witches and Magicians can gather to learn magic, discuss magic, buy magic supplies and read The Wizards' Journal.

Ropes, Handcuffs, Chains and Straitjackets - The Story of Harry Houdini
Coming soon to Reality Entertainment, The Story of Houdini, another thought provoking and unique film by Steve Mitchell. Harry Houdini was a magician, escapologist, actor, historian and paranormal investigator ...