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Do you have a Halloween site that stays up year around ?? If so, then come join The Magic Of Halloween Community. (THIS RING WAS STARTED IN NOVEMBER 2004)

Happy Hauntings From Linnie Doodle
Grab yourself a cup of hot cider and enjoy your visit.. I have some bone chillin stories, recipes, crafts for kids, and much more... Come apply for my award !!!!

Halloween 2006
My Halloween page... Links to my other pages...

Happy Halloween in the Oaks
Come meet Granny Nan and follow her through the Oaks for a fun-filled spooktacular tour. A Halloween site for kids and adults to enjoy. Whoo Hoo! It's Halloween!!!

Spooks or Goblins? A dedication to Halloween. Trick or Treat
A website created and dedicated to Halloween. If you want to know more .... stop on in - if you dare.