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The New Magical Dolphins Community

Beautiful Dolphins
This is a page I made for my girlfriend

DARKSIDE MIRRORS's homepage.{;}they are rock band.{;}they loves dolphins&whales..{;}!!HEY HO LET'S GO!!{;}{;}

Dolphin Island
Dolphin graphics, calling cards, facts and more!

Melinda's Dolphins
Dolphin communitys, a "Save-the dolphins" petition, and more.

Ocean Inspirations
Inspired by my love of marine life and diving, my site hopes to promote love and compasssion for some of my favorite ocean friends. Dolphin, Sea Turtle, Octopus, Reef Shark and Humpback Whale pages. Handcrafted ...

Dolphin Dreamlands
my site mainly consists of information concerning Fibromyalgia and a link to a great support group, fun facts about dolphins, orcas and cats, recipes, neopets, and so much more...

a site for all dolphin, tweety bird and beanie lovers all over the world.

inspirationzus page
general information

The Mystical Place
My Community Page

Flaming Rose
This site contains much useful, and usable content for any fantasy lover. Offers a wide range of usables, and also backgrounds, midis, and graphics are up to use. Have fun...This is, nonetheless, a personal ...

Nohelani Sail Adventures
Nohelani Sailing Adventures, Sail the San Francisco Bay, see the islands of the San Francisco coastal areas, go sailing, sailing adventures, sailing the coastal seas. See the sea life, whales, dolphins, ...

it is a site for endangered species