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This community is for unofficial, non-commercial sites devoted to the WizKids game Mage Knight Rebellion. Here you can find trade pages, hints and tips, and other information from your fellow players of the first collectible miniatures wargame.

The Rebellion Continues
Web site offecommunity information on deck construction and army construction on Mage Knight

New Fields of Valor
Everything you need in order to play "Mage Knight Conquest", a new variant of MK.

Mage Knight site featucommunity scenarios, terrain tutorials, armies, and anything MageKnight.

Home Page of MKDB and MKGameClock
Home of tools for MageKnight gamers. MKDB is a tool to collect, build armies and exchange figs. MKDBCE is for WinCE (reduced version). MKGameClock is an attempt to setup a timer clock for MK games.

The best place on the web for mage knight armys!

Jeff's Mage Knight
Comprehensive list and pictures of all Mage Knight sets

Creepazoid's Corner!!!
Home of the fun and frolicky CREEPAZOID, super-amazing 3D map creator and superstar! Map pics, craft tips, heroclix team/figure reviews, and more being added daily!